EMERGE Group secures US$2.2M funding from Seed Round Led By Farquhar Venture Capital & Arcane Group

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What challenges/opportunities does the industry present to women in Armenia?

Nora GalstyanThere is a total of 20 iGaming industry professionals in Armenia. They are responsible for developing software products and making them accessible worldwide. It is statistically proven that women make up about 40% of iGaming company staff. This means that there are many opportunities for success in this field.

Tatev Hrutyanyan:I love Armenia, despite how clichéd it might sound. One reason is the equality and respect shown to women in Armenia. We have never been taught that women should earn less for the same job because they are female.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t faced with challenges and obstacles in an industry that’s more inclusive of men. It’s all about how you view the situation and what your mindset is.

How has the industry changed for women since the beginning of your career?

TH We’ve seen tremendous progress in the industry (speaking globally). Since 2016, I’ve been involved in iGaming. We could see more women being hired as C-level executives or consultants. Codes of conduct have also been created to prevent the industry from exploiting women at trade shows. Respect is the key.

NGIt was difficult for me because I come from the pharmaceutical industry to iGaming. Let’s take an example of a stable, bureaucratic industry that has changed to a fast-changing, flexible environment in which you have to be creative to comply with industry standards. This allows you to learn and grow professionally, regardless of your gender.

Technamin supports women in the workplace.

NG You are encouraged to send your ideas to Technamin to make them a reality!

Our company offers opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion or disability.

Women are in equal leadership positions within the company. This is a clear indication of the way Technamin treats women. It creates a safe environment that welcomes and values all input.

THTechnamin has zero tolerance for discrimination and, truthfully, harassment is not even a topic we need to discuss. It would be impossible to talk about it as it is not an issue within our company. Everyone here is committed to equality and respects fellow employees. This gives each employee a fair and equal opportunity.

Technamin’s example challenges other companies to challenge gender stereotypes and create a safe workplace.

What makes International Women’s Day so important in the calendar’s history?

THIt’s an occasion to celebrate a milestone per se, the milestone of all the achievements we’ve made in the past decades. It’s a day to celebrate women’s achievements without bias.

There are many other occasions that women celebrate, like anniversaries and birthdays, but these are more individual. International Women’s Day is, however, celebrated worldwide so it’s a truly unique event.

NGI believe that International Women’s Day is highlighting the importance of laying foundations for women to realise and surpass their potential in social impact without discrimination.

This is also a great opportunity to look back at the achievements of women over the years and see what this unity and strength can do for the future. These accomplishments are inspiring, can be learned from, and celebrated.

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