International Women’s Day feature with Tatev Harutyanyan (Strategic Programs Manager at Technamin) and Nora Galstyan (Head of Compliance at Technamin).

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There have been many attempts over the years to change the way programmatic ads are produced by marketers.

Creative Studio will likely be the missing piece in the puzzle on both sides. How will this change the landscape in Europe across all jurisdictions? To get his insight into the impact of this on Europe’s future, we sat down to Alex Kornilov (BETEGY’s award-winning CEO),

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Creative Studio! The Creative Studio was first presented at ICE in February. What was the response from attendees to your demonstration of the Creative Studio?

We launched Creative Studio with the main goal of revolutionising programmatic advertising for marketers in our industry.

Our technology has a clear use case: marketing spend on acquisition and retention must be made more efficient. Creative Studio is a new way to automate your marketing campaigns. Operators are well aware of this. It was a great opportunity to showcase it at ICE, the largest European gaming event, in February. There were anywhere from 30,000 delegates.

The attraction of ICE and other trade fairs is that we can receive feedback and initial views in real-time. This makes it an invaluable part the development process. We were able “into the wild” to show it to customers. This allowed us to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement, which is an extremely important part of the development process.

European Gaming readers: Talk us through Europe. How will this change the game for European brands? What region of Europe could be most benefited by this?

Europe is a far more advanced country in terms of media buying strategies than the US. Therefore, European brands instantly get what Creative Studio does and the advantages it offers.

Creative Studio is designed with Swiss-level efficiency in order to target the right audience. The advantage Europe has over the US in principle is its lower advertising costs. Marketing and the acquisitions of customers are extremely expensive in the US. Just look at DraftKing’s sign-up bonus of 1,000 USD. Europe, on the other hand, is a much more mature market and has a different playing field. We believe we have the perfect product. This aligns with our European goals. This technology is very affordable, which is why it is so revolutionary for Europe.

With no coding required, you can create over 1,000 ads from imported images. What makes being able import images without the need to code so important?

It drastically reduces time and costs. This product is so unique for the industry, we can revolutionize the whole process of using tools and deploying strategies.

Creative Studio was created with the goal of solving problems for marketing and design departments. We’re basically providing technology that can eliminate the need for engineers.

We all know it’s about personalisation and targeting demographics. Creative Studio will make this possible. I also believe that it will empower in-house marketers to manage campaigns and replace the need for agencies.

What a challenge it was to design and integrate the Creative Studio into BETEGY’s award-winning platform.

We wanted to move designing Creative Studio forward in three key ways. First, we needed to think about what our design department needs to make this happen if they were to do programmatic. Although Creative Studio is incredibly innovative, we felt it would be relatively easy to design and make available to our partners in 12 months. It has!

The product was then designed to allow for continuous evolution. It was challenging. Although it was challenging, we had a goal and a plan. Given that such technology is now entering new areas, I am certain it will be upgraded as technology advances. Creative Studio will continue to bring value to the company as it grows. I believe we’ll be in a completely different league by 2024. Greatness is about creating innovation and scaling it in real-time.

Is there any other projects that could help grow BETEGY’s platform?

This is a great question to follow up. Personalisation technology is our key strength as a partner.

We have a lot of plans for the future.

We know what we will be delivering over the next year in each quarter. Each of these products and solutions are intended to solve real problems, fill market gaps, and provide real value. Creative Studio, however, is our innovation crown. We are optimistic that this feature will be a game-changer in marketing departments in every industry vertical.

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