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Gaming has long been dominated by men. Gamers who are passionate about gaming often face gender-based discrimination or stereotypes that hamper their progress in the game industry. In recent years, however, women have begun to break down the barriers and change the narrative about female gamers. They are actively following their passion for gaming, making their mark in this industry, and challenging the prejudices and stereotypes they have encountered.

According to Dentsu’s “Gaming India Report 2022-For The Game”, 46% of Indian gamers are females. Payal Dhare, a.k.a. “Payal Gaming”, is a well-known creator of 8Bit Creatives. She believes that women bring unique perspectives and ideas to the industry, which in turn drives innovation and progress. It has been shown that women’s contributions to the gaming industry have been instrumental in increasing revenue and bringing in new audiences.

Payal’s view is shared by Krutika Ojha, a.k.a. “KrutikaPlays”, another creator at 8Bit Creatives. Krutika Ojha, a.k.a. “Embracing diversity in the gaming industry” is something that 8Bit Creatives is constantly striving to achieve. Gaming can draw on a wider range of ideas, talent, and perspectives to create games that appeal more to a diverse audience. This helps drive growth in the gaming industry and breaks down stereotypes. It is important not only for women but also for the entire industry to push for more diversity and inclusion.

Women are making great strides as programmers, animators and video game testers. They also work as game writers and audio engineers. Kaashvi Hiranandani, aka “Kaash Plays”, is one of the many gaming creators who left their secure jobs to pursue a career as a gamer. She started streaming video games via Youtube when she was 25 years old. Later, she quit her job as a financial consultant to become a full-time streamer.

It was hard to make the right decision, especially as a woman in a male-dominated field, but I did it because I loved what I was doing and have never regretted it. Although there weren’t many women in the industry when I first started, things have changed quickly. It is encouraging to see the perceptions changing and that women are more confident about taking risks and following their passions,” she said.

Kaashvi adds that Esports has many opportunities for young people. He cites examples of a videogame writer who writes the story and dialogues and a videogame producer who oversees the development of the videogames. Virtual reality is another area anyone can explore and gain benefit from.

Women are not only prominent in Esports, streamers and athletes. They are also establishing their own startups to make their presence in the industry. Richa Singh, co-founder and CEO of FanClash Asia’s largest fantasy Esports site, has dispelled stereotypical views and proven that women can be leaders in the gaming industry and are among the most important players.

“In the last few years, there have been significant shifts in the gaming industry. There has been a remarkable step towards gender equality, as women demonstrated their ability to compete on equal terms with men gamers. Women play an active role in the gaming community and work to bridge the gender gap. Richa says that creating safe spaces for women to be leaders should be the priority. Richa believes this will allow women to be able focus on their job and not worry about invisible barriers. Richa also hopes to create opportunities for women who are passionate about games and want to make it a career, such as game developers, content creators, influencers, and game designers.

Women are breaking down stereotypes and proving they belong in the gaming industry. To ensure everyone feels included and welcome in this rapidly expanding industry, it is important to keep pushing for inclusion and diversity.

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