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Gaming technology is a major part of entertainment worldwide and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Gaming has been a popular pastime for many decades, with everything from gaming consoles and wearables to smartphones and tablets. This begs the question: What trends should we watch out for in 2023, gaming consoles and wearables?

This article will show you some mobile casinos trends which may soon be a major player in the iGaming market.

The Metaverse

It is clear that VR, AR, as well as other immersive tech, will have a huge impact on mobile gaming. How virtual reality and augmented realities will be integrated into the so-called Metaverse is a significant aspect of their accessibility to end-users.

For many years, Mark Zuckerberg has been the primary focus of Facebook CEO Metaverse. He changed the name of the company to Meta in 2021. The Metaverse is still very much in its early stages and has not had the same impact as some may have expected. The Metaverse could change the mobile gaming landscape as new technology becomes more common and immersive experiences are made available.

AI combined with Big Data

Combining AI and big data could have a huge impact on games for end-users by 2023. Artificial intelligence allows developers to create immersive games that mimic human behavior or other impressive features.

Big data also allows game developers to better understand their end-users and their behavior. This data, which is a lot more powerful than artificial intelligence, will allow game developers to create the most engaging mobile games.

Introduction to the Subscription Model

Since the last decade, subscription models have been hugely popular in many industries. It is already widely used in mobile gaming. However, developers will prefer to use it in 2023 over making one-off purchases.

Subscription models may experience greater growth in certain markets than others. This payment model will see huge growth in Asia this year.

MobileXR (Extended Reality).

Extended reality (XR) refers to all types of immersive tech including mixed reality, VR and AR. VR is already mainstream because of the wide range of PC gadgets available and the popular VR headset from PlayStation. End-users won’t be surprised if XR becomes a common feature in the mobile gaming industry soon.

XR experiences could mean more immersive gaming, even though mobile gamers are still not fully embracing VR. This could attract more gamers who might otherwise avoid mobile gaming.

Cloud-based Gaming

In 2023, cloud streaming is expected to be one of the most popular trends in mobile gaming. Cloud streaming lets users play without having to download anything, as it is performed directly from a dedicated server.

Cloud gaming has not been as popular on mobile devices due to slow mobile speeds. With 5G becoming more accessible developers will likely concentrate on it.

Netflix and Microsoft are two of the most prominent companies in streaming. We expect streaming to be relevant for many years. It may become a major sector player in 2023.

AAA Developers Focusing On Mobile

Mobile gaming has been long considered a separate industry from the rest of the gaming industry. This has changed over the past few years. AAA developers such as Activision or Respawn are creating and releasing games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends specifically for mobile platforms.

This trend will continue in 2015, as more AAA developers introduce their games to a portable platform.

Special Focus on Hardcore Gamers

Mobile gaming is often associated with casual gamers who don’t play console or PC games as often.

More gamers will be interested in mobile gaming due to the ever-expanding specs and faster internet speeds.

The change is already underway as Call of Duty Mobile appeals to a hardercore gaming audience.


Video games are no longer associated with lazy gamers who like to lie on the couch. Video games today can help you lose calories.

Active video games (AVG) are a popular form of fitness gaming. Although AVGs have been around for a while, the trend is seeing a recent increase in popularity. AVGs will officially be among the top 3D video game trends in 2023.

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