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Gambling is one of the most popular online marketing areas as of 2023. The attitude towards gambling is changing all over the globe. This is due to several factors.

This article will discuss why gambling is so popular and profitable. We will also discuss the reasons why it is so profitable to work with an online casino.

Online casinos emerge

More countries believe that legalizing casinos would be more beneficial to the economy than a ban. Shady gambling is not only a violation of the law that leads to crime but also deprives the Treasury of additional income via tax deductions.

This is why even conservative countries like Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, which have a long history of strict morals, have passed a law allowing online casinos to be legalized as of 2022.

Online casinos are legal in the following countries:

  • Albania

  • Malta

  • Andorra

  • Faroe islands

  • Kosovo

  • Liechtenstein

  • Belarus

  • Isle of Man

  • Gibraltar

According to many forecasts the number of online casino sites will grow from 45% to 60% by 2020. It is now easier for operators to get a license and to play openly, rather than hiding behind new mirrors. It is also legal.

The popularity and appeal of gambling in numbers

Online casino marketing is one of the newest areas of online marketing. It was established between 5 and 7 years ago. Gambling.net estimates that approximately 85% of Americans have played online casino at least once in their lifetime. Nearly 26% (1.8 million) of the world’s population play online casino regularly. Around 5 billion gamble at least once per year.

According to the European Gambling and Betting Association’s 2021 report, 62% of Europeans wagered during the past year. The vast majority of them did so at online casinos. Online casino revenues in the United States reached $53 billion in 2021, proving once again the popularity of the gambling industry.

Gambling is a popular pastime in Europe and Africa. South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Kenya are the market leaders of the continent.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), reports that online engagement rates have risen steadily since the pandemic. The industry saw a dramatic rise in popularity. The European online gambling market accounted for 67% of the global market as of 2022.

The Gazette, The Herald and The Herald report that online gambling is responsible for 38.8% (or $3.4 million) of the total revenue from gambling in the country. This is directly related to the decline in popularity of land-based gambling establishments and casinos.

In 2021, the online segment made $180 billion in profit. Online games with augmented reality and enhanced graphics are particularly popular. Advanced gamers are more likely to trust operators when they can replenish their account with a cryptocurrency wallet. This proves that online casinos are evolving in line with market trends.

The reasons for the popularity and development of gambling

  • New regions are emerging

Online marketers who are considering promoting online casinos have been discouraged by the high upfront costs involved. High rates and fierce competition are hallmarks of the regions that promote is most profitable. New countries are now available for promotion due to the legalization of casinos in certain countries.

Gambling payouts do not depend on the currency of the country. You can earn money from anywhere in the world. Simultaneously you can also learn new countries from partner networks and get detailed analytics.

  • The reality behind winning

Despite the widespread belief that online slots have a low chance of winning, licensed casinos offer a high RTP (return to player) level.

In the case of long games, the RTP is how many bets a person will need to return their initial budget. A 100% RTP means that there are equal chances of winning and losing money. With rare exceptions, the RTP at licensed online casinos fluctuates between 96% and 96 percent.

  • Safe gambling

Online casinos must be licensed in countries that have legalized them. It permits special commissions to regulate gambling activities and protect players’ rights on an international scale. Online casinos that are licensed can be mistakenly referred to as representatives of grey markets. They are just like any other business and want their players to be satisfied with their services. Therefore, they focus on long-term cooperation.

The term “responsible gaming” was established with the legalization of online casinos. Responsible gambling in online casinos refers to the ability to gamble and interaction with regulator authorities when resolving conflicts. This guarantees that players will be able to play responsibly and the operator will respect their rights. Online casino licenses may be revoked if they are violated by the principles of responsible gaming.

  • Stock exchange access

Each company wants to attract investors that will help them grow their business. The best option for scaling is to issue shares to be traded on the stock exchange. Future trading in brand shares will help companies attract investors and funding for further development.

It is very expensive to go public. Organisations are seeing significant growth in the market by attracting large amounts of capital through successful shares placements. Many casinos have successfully placed the shares of their companies into circulation and they are still growing. The legal aspect of gambling is once more highlighted by the IPO.

  • Large corporations are showing increasing interest in a merger

The market growth is also evident by the high number of M&A transaction in the gambling sector.

Experts predicted that M&A in the gaming industry would slow down as European economies decline and interest rates rise. However, today we can observe a steady increase in these transactions.

EY Global Consulting’s first half 2022 report speaks to the sustainability of global mergers and acquisitions markets. Peak transaction activity decreased by 27% compared to 2021 but it still increased by 35% over 2015-2019. In September 2022, there were more than 2,274 transactions in the world totalling about $2.02 trillion. The technology sector was dominant by nearly a third.

888 Holdings, one of the most prominent gaming companies in the world, announced that it had closed a deal with Caesars Entertainment to purchase William Hill’s non US assets. This amount is not considered a ceiling. The American company Scientific Games (renamed Light & Wonder), sold its lottery business to Brookfield Business Partners, for a staggering EUR5.7 billion. These figures are indicative of the business’s direction and the legal aspects of doing business.

Why gambling is becoming a popular trend in online marketing

The market for online casinos in 2022 saw an increase in average bet sizes. The pandemic saw a rapid rise in popularity for the gambling industry.

Even though the Coronavirus is no longer in the news, there has been an increase in average bet sizes. In direct proportion to the rate growth, average remuneration has risen. This is because the earnings of those working in the gambling industry directly depend on the deposits made by attracted users. This has had a positive impact on the overall direction.

  • Mobile traffic development

Mobile traffic has grown exponentially over the last decade. Mobile applications are now being used by more people than ever before. Previously, PC users dominated the market, with browser games dominating the tops. Many applications are available for mobile devices that let you play where and when you want.

About 55% of mobile users played games on their smartphones in 2020. Mobile traffic has a stronger impact on gambling than in previous years. New ways exist to encourage applications and to measure user behavior to keep it.

  • Implementation blockchain technologies

The addition of cryptocurrency as a payment method has had a positive effect on the industry’s attention from those who have digital currency funds. The replenishment process is free from commission and allows for withdrawals and replenishments of funds to the wallet balance. It also simplifies the process.

Many online gamblers, who had their currencies in crypto or played in digital currency market in addition to slot machines, can now replenish their accounts at popular online casino sites. This increases their overall traffic. This is an additional trigger for affiliate marketers who can use it when creating a promotion strategy.


The gambling industry is constantly evolving. There are always new GEOs, slot machines, promotions, and payment methods. Additionally, countries are reviewing their gambling policies more frequently.

Gambling continues to hold the top spot in online marketing. Contrary to popular belief, many countries are reviewing their laws and slowly introducing changes to allow players to enjoy their favorite games, without being hampered. Representatives from the digital sphere are also reconsidering their opinions on the gambling vertical.

DUXGroup, a rapidly growing company, is open to suggestions and comments. We are constantly looking for new members due to the rapid growth of this niche. Check out our current job openings on our website if you are interested. We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

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