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Pixion Games, which is behind Fableborne, announced today that their Creator Program was launched. This program will provide sustainable opportunities for game creators. The Creator Program empowers and supports content creators and provides them with unique benefits that will help them grow their presence in the gaming community.

Pixion Games, seasoned industry professionals, is currently developing Fableborne, an action-RPG that combines strategic base building with tactical RPG gameplay. The world is rich in lore and features a beautiful art style as well as a fun gameplay loop. Players can build their base and raid their enemies. But here’s the catch. Lunchtime Esports aims to reward competitive players who are looking to make real money in short, snackable sessions.

Content creators can access the Creator Program to receive a variety of benefits and resources. This includes a chat with other Fableborne Creators, the Development Team and an early access to Fableborne development builds and other marketing resources. Pixion Games wants to support creators. Fableborne Creators can claim content bounties in real currency or other rewards. To help Content Creators promote and grow their online presence, the Fableborne Team will also work closely with them.

If they meet a certain number of requirements, the Fableborne Creator Program is available to all content creators. This includes streamers, YouTubers, and social media influencers like TikTok and Instagram. Creators can apply to the Fableborne Creator Program Landing Page. Creators who are accepted will be granted access to many benefits including:

  • Special bounties and incentives to create content about Fableborne

  • Access to Fableborne’s newest build and updates

  • Whitelisting places for the Fableborne NFT Mint

  • No Fee NFTs for Loyal Creators

  • Social media features

  • and much more!

Web3 content creators have paid a lot of attention to the Fableborne Creator program. Notably, many top creators have signed up to the program including Rich Cabrera @ReadyPlayerRich, YellowPanther at@yellowpantherx, Spike (@spikereacts_), PatronJay [@ReadyPlayerJay], Elisa (@goddessinflesh], Sam.eth/@SamSteffanina], Ghost Dimensionals (@T3h_Ghost], Professor LP (@0xProfessorLP), MasterKamote_), Raiden], Payton of Wolves DAO] (@paytkaleiwahea), Payton of Wolves DAO) and Sanjay (@flykitealeiwahea), Sanjay_FlyKitesJa), Sanjay (@flykealeiwahea), Sanjay_, Sanjay_FlyKitesJa), Payton of Wolves DAO (“paytkaleiwahea”), Payton of Wolves DAO” (@paytkaleiwahea”), Payton of Wolves DAO”), SanjayKitesJa), and Sanjay” (@FlyKitesJay”

These well-known creators are excited to get early access to Fableborne’s latest builds and updates. They also have access to exclusive bounties, incentives, and resources to help them build Fableborne.

Fableborne Creator Program applications are still available, but they close on March 3, 2023. It may reopen in the future. To apply, complete the Creator Program Application.

Additional information on the Creator Program is available in the announcement .

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