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Online gambling is a rapidly-growing industry in many countries around the globe. While some countries adopted online gambling sooner than others, others have yet to adopt the niche. However, it is clear that online gambling has experienced rapid growth. The United States was known as the most restrictive market for this industry over the past two decades. Everything changed in May 2018. We have compiled below the most significant changes to the US online gambling industry in the last few years with the assistance of the experts at bettingPicks4you.

The PASPA abrogation

The history of online gambling in America began on May 14, . The US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Provision Act. It prohibited all forms of online betting in the country. All states had the right to repeal it and make their own decisions on the matter.

New Jersey, New York and Delaware were the first to move. Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mississippi, Mississippi, New York, and Pennsylvania were next. New Jersey’s Monmouth Park Racetrack became the first sportsbook that was open to bettors from outside Nevada. New York followed suit, allowing residents to legally place wagers on their favorite teams. As the home of some of the most popular professional leagues, such as the NBA and NFL, New York is a large betting market.

The new culture of gambling in the US

It is difficult to overlook the obvious connection between gambling, the United States, and American culture. North America is home to more than half the world’s top casinos. In 2021, the American Gaming Association published exciting data that showed that commercial gambling generated $53 billion in revenue over a single year. Add taxes, media and a variety of gambling-related pastimes and it becomes easy to see the benefits that each state has received for adopting online gambling.

Data Bridge Market Research

Data Bridge Market Research focuses on market size, future trends, and growing appeals. The team has created a market analysis for online gambling by 2022 using advanced techniques. They also recognize both the opportunities and challenges in the market. Online gambling is gaining popularity, which has led to a steady rise in numbers.

Main studies show a significant rise in online gambling revenue of 14% per unit from now through 2028. It is expected that the market will reach $145 billion annually by then.

It is simple to see the logic behind these numbers. Technology is a constant factor in the growth of online gambling. Every year new smartphones are released, which makes online casino games more accessible to everyone. The digital e-wallets make it easy to place bets online in just a few clicks.

More growth is expected

There are many studies that have been done on the subject and they all share one thing. This market will only grow over the next few years. UnivDatos Markets Insights predicts a 10% increase in online sports betting in the United States between now and 2027.

The analysis shows the constant growth of each sport (including hockey, basketball and football) Moreover, The biggest online betting firms in the United States are already prominently advertised at almost any major sports event or match in the country.

The United States is a large market for this industry due to its gambling culture (Americans love casino), and the availability huge sports franchises that attract attention (just look at Super Bowl). Even for those who aren’t avid sports fans, it is a great place to start. These circumstances make it likely that online gambling will continue to grow in the United States.

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