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Kwalee is a prominent UK games publisher. This employee program allows anyone to pitch ideas on how AI could be used to improve productivity or to bring innovation to future games.

Every Kwalee employee is encouraged to use open-source AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Dall-E and Midjourney, to generate new, innovative ideas that support the company’s core business goals. This includes game design, data science and customer service. In exchange for financial incentives and giveaways, each contribution is reviewed by a panel made up of senior leaders.

This scheme is similar in concept to Creative Wednesdays, where every team member can pitch their mobile game idea to the company. Then, they take two days to produce a prototype, and then share in the financial success.

Kwalee has been a strong advocate for innovation in the industry. This was championed by CEO David Darling during his time at Codemasters. This news is significant as it marks the first time that a game company has fully adopted AI tools in its mainstream business strategies, despite AI tools growing in popularity in 2023.

In 2019, the UK-based games publisher experimented with machine learning and artificial intelligence when they created Draw it, their most downloaded game with more than 115 million downloads. A documentary was made to commemorate the game’s chart-topping success and the contributions of expert tech teams.

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David Darling stated that AI is on the rise and said, “The use of tools, including the chisel and the printing press, has shaped human history. It will continue to do so in future.” They enable us to do more efficient and effective tasks and can increase our strength and ability. Companies can use AI to increase their competitive edge. AI has tremendous potential. Our team has the opportunity to present ideas for integrating AI into our work at Kwalee. This will increase productivity and allow us to create new entertaining games.

Kwalee’s Vice President for Marketing Harry Lang stated that AI is a growing trend in marketing. He said that marketers should embrace AI as a moderated assistant and an idea sketchpad. Lang also suggested that people who reject AI may be ‘left out in the cold’.

Kwalee will benefit from AI technology integration in its daily operations. This will allow for faster game development and player satisfaction. It will also result in cost savings and greater profitability.

Kwalee’s dedication to AI demonstrates its commitment to being at the forefront in the fast-evolving gaming industry and to providing the best games experience to players around the world.

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