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Team Vitality, Europe’s leading esports club, proudly presents its first female League of Legends team in close collaboration with ALDI. The “French Bees”, which joins the six other teams of Team Vitality marks a pivotal moment in its structure.

The goal of the French Bees is to compete in key French competitions starting in 2023 with the MasterCard Nexus Tour (formerly Open Tour France). They also aim to compete for the title of Women’s League champion. The team will also be participating in French LANs (physical competitions) throughout the year.

ALDI, Team Vitality’s partner, has committed to helping the French Bees team reach the highest level of competition in the French League of Legends scene. Access to premium Team Vitality resources throughout the year will be available to the academy team, including V.Hive (Stade de France) and V.Performance. The team will be integrated in a professional environment with tailor-made management.

Shac Nicholson will coach the French Bees and Team Vitality staff will provide expertise, so they’ll include:

  • Coline “Chubby Daddy”, Reiter, Strasbourg, France, 24 years old. Top Laner

Peak elo Diamond 1 76 Lp

  • Lexa “Lexa”, Grellier, Rennes, France, 21 years old, Jungler

Peak elo: Master 56 lp

  • Alyssa Lenoir, Perenchies, France, 18 years, Midlaner

Peak elo: Diamond 2, 62 lp

  • Emeline “Kasane”, Baudouin Tour (France), 24 year old, Support

Peak elo : Master 282 lp

  • Velouria “Viki” Baty, Paris, France, 25 years old. ADC and Captain

Peak elo : Master 235 lp

ALDI is a key partner in the project and will be a support for the visibility of the new team. All Team Vitality players will enjoy the same promotional conditions, including communication with the club’s network and innovative promotional. The “French Bees”, a team made up of members of Team Vitality, will be proud to sport the Hummel jersey in Team Vitality colors. This will also include an ALDI promotion.

ALDI and Team Vitality want to see the French Bees players succeed in the competition. This company is proud to support esports development and has shown its willingness to help. ALDI and Team Vitality were proud to announce Team Vitality’s first female roster. They are also committed to supporting more women in the professional scene. While more than half of gamers are women*, only 6% are professional esports players.

French Bees’ launch is an example of ALDI’s determination to be a partner in the esports industry and actively contribute to its development.

“We are proud to announce our first all-women team in Team Vitality. We will continue to promote talent through this academy project. “We hope this team will reach the finals and pave the way to the further development in women’s esports here in France,” says Fabien Neo Devide, president and co-founder at Team Vitality.

“Everyone has a place at esports. We support all the teams and want to help them succeed. The French Bees will also contribute to the visibility of women in esports and gaming. This sector is a favorite playground of younger generations. It can naturally act like a vector for parity within society and we are committed towards contributing to this movement,” Anne-Marie Gaultier (Marketing and Communication Director at ALDI France) says.

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