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It’s over. Today, developers Moon Punch Studio and Toplitz Productions open the Early Access doors for the highly anticipated genre-blend Wild West Dynasty. You will be able to live the struggle for survival in the harsh, wild frontier of the American West in the 19th Century by mixing story-driven adventure and an open-world sandbox.

We are happy to share our vision of the Wild West with the players,” comments Szymon Zebialowicz (development lead and joint managing direct of Moon Punch Studio). We look forward to hearing from the community as we move on to the next step in our long-term roadmap. There are many content updates that we have already planned. These include a new biome, expansion and continuation to the story, crafting blueprints, and refining the gameplay mechanics.

Robin Gibbels is Head of Production at Toplitz. He adds that “We are very proud to finally invite players in the harsh and vast Wild West. Moon Punch Studio dedicated their hearts and souls to the creation of this open world. They added life and interesting mechanics while challenging the limits of the Dynasty franchise.

Wild West Dynasty now available in Early Access on Steam and GOG.com. Epic Games Store players can also get their tickets to conquer the Wild West with a 20% launch discount on the SRP of 24,99 EUR/26,99 USD

There will be three Special Editions in addition to the main game:

  • The “Settler’s Guide to Wild West”, a set of three digital books that are connected to the game (Game Compendium Cookbook, Wild West Architect and Cookbook).
  • Digital Supporter Edition includes the Original Soundtrack, 20 tracks of atmosphere from the game, Wallpapers, and an exclusive Novel.
  • The Ultimate Edition includes both The Settler’s Guide & the Digital Supporter Pack.

The roadmap for the next twelve month is already in place and regular content updates will be planned. A playable female character is planned, as well as opening the mountain areas to the third biome of the vast open-world. This will allow for a continuation of the dramatic storyline and mini games. There will also be additional gameplay elements and supported languages.


The Open World

You can explore a handcrafted world by walking or riding on horseback, and discover unique environments that are filled with dangers, treasures and plenty of space for your city-building goals.

Survive the Deadly Frontier

You can survive in the wild by gathering, crafting, hunting, raising livestock, and even creating your own food. Avoid the heat of midday, keep warm in the cold, and be aware of wildlife dangers. Bandits are always around, so it is important to learn how weapons work and protect yourself, your trading caravans, as well as your township.

Make Your Home

From poverty to wealth: Start as a settler and build your ranch. Then, expand it into a prosperous, thriving town. You can make it as big or small as you like, and then build the iconic western locations that you want.

Create Your Own Story

The expansive storyline features dozens of missions, interconnected dialogues, and consequences. You can survive the Wild West by figuring out your own path, dealing with your past, and writing your own story. This includes building and expanding your settlement, managing your resources, allocating workers, and finding important trade routes that will help your settlement grow.

As you create the Wild West, your Dynasty will endure for many decades.

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