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After the resolution of pandemic-related issues, the ICE event attracted over 35,000 people in its inaugural instalment. ICE London proved to be one of the top gambling and gaming events worldwide with its full roster of partners and exhibitors.

The Spintec stand at the ICE London gaming conference has been receiving unprecedented attention over the three-day event. It’s not surprising that Spintec has displayed some of the most innovative product upgrades and new hardware in their three-day event.

The possibility to connect games from different casinos into one seamless gaming experience was one of the highlights of the event. Spintec’s Remote Gaming solution allows casinos to connect live and automated games from different locations. This makes them accessible to players at multiple venues. This allows for a dramatic reduction in the number and complexity of staff and optimizes the number and distribution of stations at their venues. It also gives players the unique experience of playing live or automated games of Roulette, SicBo, and Craps.

The stand-alone, upgraded automated roulette center was their most popular innovation. It has a new look with attractive design enhancements like a flat-glass cover with RGB illumination. You can now get the wheel in a durable Kerrock light grey version with black chrome accents. These design features are discreetly highlighted by the integrated LED lighting that follows around the wheel’s circumference.

The Karma automated gaming system, which can include a variety of games, can now have a two-sided top that also includes an interactive LED sign. This setup is able to display live statistics and animated promotional material and will attract players from all over the casino.

Spintec offers a dealer-friendly table that can be adjusted to adjust the height of the dealer and has an additional monitor to give a better view of the game.

A wide variety of game upgrades were also presented at this year’s ICE Spintec. The new side games include Hotspot Roulette and Crown Roulette, which have adjustable payout multipliers that can reach 900 times the original wager. If players want to increase their chances of winning, they have the option to place a bet on the Multilevel progressive Jackpot. SicBo players also have the Dragons progressive Jackpot. Spintec’s new Baccarat now has a thrilling squeeze feature that adds drama and excitement to an already exciting game. You can customize it to make the cards appear from the top or the side, speed up or slow down the reveal speed, and even speed up or slow down the game.

Spintec has also designed solutions to deliver tournaments using their SicBo and Roulette installations. The ICE 2023 visitors were able to experience this installation firsthand at the Spintec stand. This event proved that operators are increasingly interested in this type of delivery.

Spintec has also launched a brand new game called Wheel of Diamonds, which is exclusively for the Dutch market. It features a fully-automated delivery, stunning animations and exciting wins up to 1.600 EUR.

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