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BetGames has been making waves with the launch its innovative live sport vertical, Twain Sport, in the past few months.

Andreas Koeberl is BetGames CEO. We spoke with him about live action and how Twain Sport’s major bet on engaging Tik Tok’s betting generation with the most recent in short-form high turnover betting action is already paying off.

T-Kick’s launch is a great success! Is football the most universal sport in the world? What are your global plans to launch this hybrid version of football?

AK: Thanks a lot. It was a great achievement by the team to make it happen just before ICE. This gave us the ideal platform to present our innovative product to the international iGaming community. We have high ambitions and must achieve them, because football is the most popular sport in the world, regardless of whether you are a punter or a fan.

The answer is simple. We want TKick to be available on all continents, starting in South Africa and Europe where we are already a leader in live entertainment. T-Basket operators can switch to T-Kick from their existing live sites without much effort. This gives our tier-one partners a great springboard into immediate success.

We are looking to enter this hybrid version of live football betting. Can you tell us how it works? How can T-Kick be of benefit to your large-brand operator partners?

T-Kick is a complement to tier-one sport, which generates additional revenue and engagement, rather than cannibalizing sportsbook. We believe it is all about complementing sporting fixtures. With more than 10,000 T-Kick or T-Basket matches per month, we offer operators the perfect product for both off-peak hours as well as in-between major sport matches.

This tournament is a complement to sportsbook and includes a full head–to-head tournament every hour. Our operator partners have a sticky product which is the exact type of short-form, live action players desire – whether it’s before, during, or after a Champions League match… or even at half-time! T-Basket, and T-Kick are now available to players. This means that they can get fast matches, with settlements every hour, and 30 games per hour. BetGames has been offering unique content and complementary content since its inception. We are confident that we will have a perfect product in the next phase of our evolution.

BetGames and Twain Sport think that live betting is going to be short-form. How does this work for new players?

AK: Gen Z engagement is a major problem for all suppliers and operators in the industry. There is no right or wrong answer. We do know that engagement can be done in a variety of ways, and we need to think outside the box. It is unlikely that one product will solve all the problems. TWAIN SPORT’s average age is 25. Given the nature of the product (action packed, quick), we appeal to younger generations who are looking for short-form content in a ‘Tik Tok’-style way. We can also cater to casual players because of the simplicity and ease of our product.

European Gaming readers are well aware of the importance of retail in countries like Germany, Austria, and Belgium. Can T-Kick be used in betting shops as well as online?

AK: This is a great question. We are currently only available in digital with 40 brands, but we have exciting plans for retail.

T-Kick’s product mechanics are excellent. T-Kick provides a full football tournament every hour. This makes it an ideal product for retail shops. Operators are expressing a strong desire to play the game. We have already signed major European contracts to get the product on SSBTs and in shops. The first retail launches are expected to take place in early Q2.

Last but not the least, can you tell us about T-Kick’s unique impact on operators seeking to acquire new players and player engagement.

AK: It’s our goal to launch it on at least 80% the BetGames estate. You can see what we aim for by being live on over 1500 websites around the world. Betway, TopSport and Betsson were some of our amazing partners. We are able to already see that the product is generating real net growth because about 25% of the brands we went live with were new to us.

Operators’ side: I want to emphasize the greatest strength and value that we bring to the table. It’s all about providing a perfect complement product to tier one sports that excites and engages a next generation, casual audience. We’re also bringing new innovation to the retail industry that will attract new players.

TWAIN SPORT is committed to integrity through our partnership and Sportradar. This makes it a unique solution in a European environment that has tighter regulations like Europe.

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