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The Intel(r) Extreme Masters 2023 event has come to an impressive close. Our new Champions have taken their place in the Hall of Heroes, a place where legends are made and history is made for all generations of esports fans and players. Over 65,000 people attended the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and StarCraf (r) II Championships at Spodek Arena, International Congress Center, (MCK), and two additional esports events.

IEM Katowice CS:GO Championship

The Hall of Heroes hosted 24 of CS:GO’s top teams over ten competition days. The final three days were played in front of a live audience. G2 Esports (EPT) CS:GO Championship title was awarded to Heroic and G2 Esports after intense matches. They also received a lion’s portion of the $1,000,000 prize pool and a place in the IEM Cologne 2023 tournament. The packed Spodek Arena was filled with people from all over the globe, and they were kept on the edge of their seats. But G2 Esports won 3-1.

G2 Esports made it to the semifinals of the IEM Katowice Championships. However, the team has now officially entered the Hall of Heroes. It will be engraved on the iconic trophy’s emblem for the first time. G2 Esports has also taken the first step towards completing the race for the Intel(r) Grand Slam IV. To secure the $1,000,000 cash prize, the team will need to win three more EPT Masters or Championship events.

Nikola “NiKo”, Kovac, who had lost three Grand Finals, finally won the IEM Katowice title. This makes the win an especially special moment for the G2Esports rifler. Justin “jks”, his teammate, is celebrating the second IEM Katowice win, having won last year’s edition in stand-in for FaZe Clan. This makes him the first ever player to win IEM Katowice twice in a row while playing for different teams. The Australian was also named EPT DHL MVP (Most Valuable player)

“If your goal is to see how important winning IEM Katowice was to the G2 Army, then you can just watch NiKo lifting the trophy,” said G2 Esports. ” With this incredible team, we are proud to have a place in CSGO history.”

Next in the ESL Pro Tour CS:GO’s ESL Pro League Season 17 will be held from February 21 to March 26. Follow ESL CS on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

IEM Katowice 2023 StarCraft (r) II Championship

StarCraft(r) II II fans around the world had the opportunity to witness a memorable and emotionally charged tournament. After five days filled with intense battles for $500,000 in total prize money and the title World Champion, Maru and Oliveira were crowned the Grand Finalists this year.

The expected winner was the first, but the MCK viewers and the 73,000* live-streaming fans were shocked to learn that Oliveira won the match. Oliveira, who shed tears of joy onstage after his amazing performance, has shown the world that it is possible to be an underdog and reach the top.

This win is one of the most memorable in StarCraft(r’s) almost 25-year history. The Chinese Terran player, who began his professional career in 2015, has never won a tournament in another country. He beat some of his fan-favorites, including Heromarine and Reynor, even though he was close to missing the Group Stage.

You can find more information on EPT SC2 at the official website. Also, follow ESL SC2 via Twitter and Facebook.

ESL Impact Katowice

ESL Impact’s $100,000 tournament in Katowice marked a dramatic start to an exciting year for the all-women CSGO circuit. The NAVI Javelins Polish team made it to the Grand Finals thanks to tremendous support from the MCK. Nigma Galaxy was their challenger.

The latter proved to be the stronger team, beating NAVI Javelins by 2-0 in overtime. Nigma Galaxy continues to be the dominant all-women CS:GO circuit, having won all four ESL Impact trophies since its launch in early 2022.

Next is the ESL Impact League Season 3 from March 8-16, with the Global League Finals being held live at DreamHack Dallas June 2-4. Follow ESL Impact on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

ESL R12023 Spring Season Round 1 and 2

The ESL Impact tournament was not the only event at the IEM Expo. Another heated competition saw the debut of the ESL R1. The 2023 Spring Season began on February 11-12 with 48 racers giving virtual racing a new meaning. EFG’s new esports circuit has already proven to be a huge success with more than 75,000 people watching the broadcasts of the first round.

Maximilian Benecke, MOUZ, became the fastest RENNSPORT driver in Round 1. Joshua Rogers, Porsche Coanda Esports Racing Team, was the first to cross that finish line in Round 2.

Rounds 3-8 of the ESL R1 2023 Spring Season continue on March 13-May 8, and the 2023 Spring Major takes place live at the RENNSPORT summit on May 27-28. You can find more information on ESL R1 at the official website. Follow ESL R1 via TikTok and Instagram.

The IEM Exposition

The IEM Expo provided attendees with many new memories. Some of the most prominent brands offered games, cosplayers and influencers as well as competitions, presentations and hardware. The large attendance is testament to the power of common interests, hobbies, and passions to bring people together to celebrate and socialize.

The Spodek Arena lights dim and the silence in the MCK settles, and a new chapter in esports history begins. New legends are created at the Hall of Heroes. This year’s spectacular start is a sign of what lies ahead for the rest of the world.

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