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Top Games Inc.’s revenue from the Amazon Appstore Evony The King’s Return has increased by more than 120% since Flexion, a games marketing company, took over distribution of the app stores.

Top Games Inc. published the game in its original form, but decided to relaunch the game on Amazon Appstore October 2021. This will allow Flexion to outsource promotions, operations and user acquisition. Revenue has increased by 12x since then. Flexion also launched the game in alternative stores, which further increased the revenue.

Top Games Inc. , a multi-million-dollar global games developer that focuses primarily on the US market, is Top Games Inc. Evony The King’s Return earned approximately USD 14m through Google Play for Top Games Inc.

Jens Lauritzson (CEO Flexion) says that Top Games could do all they do for themselves. However, it doesn’t make financial sense. “We have over 100 people who are working to make each game a success and have spent many years building services and relationships with platforms. This gives us an advantage in generating revenue .”

Updates drive revenue

He continues, “Continual updates are crucial to the success of a game.” It builds user loyalty, which is reflected in retention numbers. Retention is key to triggering in-app purchase and increasing revenue across all platforms. This is why Top Games’ focus .”

Flexion specializes in taking games to alternative app stores such as the Amazon Appstore. They handle all technical requirements, updates and platform relations. Developers get an additional revenue stream without any upfront costs or effort. Flexion provides a turnkey solution for game distribution and marketing.

“The additional revenue is contributing to the overall success of the game,” states David Guo, CEO at Top Games Inc. We have been thrilled to see the number of people Flexion has reached and the increase in revenue they have achieved em>

Since Flexion took the reins, the number of players for the game has increased almost four-fold on Amazon.

The key for success

Jens says that developers tend to prioritize Google Play and The App Store because they are the most profitable. This means that updates for other platforms can sometimes be delayed or skipped. Flexion works closely with the developers and the app store to ensure that every update is available within 24 hours of hitting Google. We often can complete it in minutes .”

However, this is just one part of the Flexion package. Flexion has been a major player in Europe, especially the UK and Japan.

Jens says that “Growing these markets has paid off” because each user in those areas is more likely to spend money on a game. This has allowed us to multiply our revenue .”

Evony , The King’s Return was another success factor. This is thanks to Amazon’s partnership with Microsoft regarding the Windows Subsystem For Android(tm). Flexion has been relentlessly pushing the game on Amazon Fire and Top Games have developed special Prime Day features.

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