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Global eSports Market Value Was USD 1.22 billion in 2021. The Market is expected to grow from USD 1.44 billion in 2022 to USD 5.48 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 21.0% during the forecast period. The global eSports market grew an average 15.4% between 2019-2020, according to our analysis.

Because more games are being streamed live and big investments are made, more people watch, more people get involved, and league tournaments are better equipped, the market is growing. There are many ways to make money on the market, thanks to gamers, game organizers, influencers and game developers getting better at what their jobs entail. Because they can make a living from streaming, and have large international prize pools, electronic sports can be considered a profession.

Colleges and universities now offer programs that help students become skilled workers.

Latest Developments:

  • August 2021 Gameloft and ESL Gaming partnered to improve the mobile electronic sports-native sponsorship solutions.
  • In July 2021, Intel partnered with the International Olympic Committee in order to focus more on hosting one the most important virtual competitions to kick off the Games. The event, which was mostly scheduled to take place in Katowice (a city with approximately 3,000,000 people in Poland) was one month prior to the Olympic Games.
  • June 2021 Gameloft partnered up with Epik Prime (an NFT platform that works with AAA gaming organisations & large entertainment IP and brands), to launch a racing-themed archive set within Asphalt 9.

Segment Overview

Streaming Intelligences

On-demand streaming and live streaming are the two main types. The forecast shows that live streaming will make up the largest portion of the segment during the forecast period. Live electronic sports events will become more popular as more attention is given to getting fans involved. As smartphones become more popular, so will the popularity of live electronic sports tournaments.

Video-on-demand will grow rapidly in the coming years as people want more entertainment at their homes. Because they can access the game at any time, people watch more games over-the-top (OTT) than they do live. This is why video-on-demand will likely grow.

Revenue Streaming insights

The market can be divided into several segments depending on how much money is coming in. These include media rights, advertising and sponsorship, ticket and merchandise sales and game publisher fees. The market share that media rights will gain is the largest over the forecast period. These games are growing in popularity and being watched by more than 380million people worldwide, so many media companies have invested money.

The forecast predicts that advertising and sponsorship will grow rapidly in the next few years. As the platform grows in popularity, the team paying for it will invest money to grow its brand. Many apps that allow you to play games also have ads. This is to increase their revenue.

Gaming Genre Information

The market can be divided into first-person shooter, real-time strategy, fighting, online battle arena, online multiplayer role-playing, and other types based on its type. The market for first-person shooting games is predicted to increase significantly over the forecast period. There are many game providers that offer first-person shooter gaming. The 3D worlds of the past appeared real.

It will make fighting games more fun in many ways. It is increasingly popular because it is used in video and virtual games.

Multiplayer online battle arena games will continue to grow rapidly over the next few years because they are both profitable and fun. Multiplayer is becoming more popular so it is likely that it will grow.

Regional Outlook

North America held the largest market share in 2021. This area is home to many online gamers, which should make it easier for the business to grow. Activision Blizzard, Inc., Riot Games, Inc., X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd. are the largest companies in this area. They spend a lot on research and development to stay ahead of their competitors and satisfy customer needs.

Asia-Pacific will likely grow rapidly over the next few decades. Due to the rapid shift to digital platforms for entertainment and sports events, countries such as India, Japan, China, and China are likely to be in high demand. Because of the many opportunities in the entertainment and gaming industry in Asia and Pacific, electronic sports are growing in popularity.

Many European countries have strong sports markets, which will give online platforms that offer sports more opportunities to make money. Fans are always searching for new ways to enjoy games. This market in Europe is attracting a large number of investors because it offers a greater audience and higher returns on investment.

Scope Report:

Report Attributes


Growth Rate
CAGR of 21.0% between 2023 and 2030

Revenue Forecast to 2022

USD 1.44 Billion

By Streaming Typ
Live and On-Demand

Revenue Streaming
Game Publisher Fees, Media Rights and Advertisement Rights, Media Rights, Media Rights, Advertisement and Sponsorship, Ticket & Merchandise, Other

by Gaming Genre
Real-time Strategy Games and First Person Shooter Games. Fighting Games. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games. Mass Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games.

By Companies
Sony Group Corporation (Japan), Twitch Interactive, Inc., Activision Blizzard, Inc., Tencent Holdings Limited, China, Riot Games, Inc., Inc., U.S.), Riot Games, Inc., Inc., U.S.), Gfinity plc, U.K., X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd., (U.S.), Loco(Stoughton Street Tech Labs Private Limited), (India), Caffeine, U. Ltd. (U.S.)

Countries and Regions Covered
  • North America: (US Canada Mexico Rest of North America).
  • Europe (Germany, France and Spain), Benelux Union, Rest of Europe
  • Asia-Pacific (Japan and China, India. Australia, South Korea. Southeast Asia, Rest of Asia-Pacific).
  • Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabian, UAE, Egypt and South Africa, Rest of the Middle East & Africa).
  • Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Rest of Latin America).
  • Rest of the World

Base Year

Historical Year

Forecast Year


This market is dominated by advertisements that target people who watch electronic sport, such as those on live streaming platforms or electronic TV.

As more people use online platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, advertising is expected to make a lot of money over the next few years.

According to Streamlabs, Twitch and YouTube made the most money in 2018. Twitch had 4.32 Million quarterly active streamers, while YouTube had just 1.13 million.

Advertising-related content will increase as streamers grow, which will make the market more profitable.

Driving Factors

People around the globe have grown dependent on smartphones and other high-tech gadgets because technology is constantly improving. Video game companies are now able to make money by making games. As technology improves, so do the video game tournaments and virtual reality products. People also spend a lot of money on video content around the globe.

Online gaming is growing due to more people using advanced gaming technology, different entertainment tastes, and more people wanting to play games on their smartphones. The number of online gamers has increased rapidly due to the increase in smartphone users and better internet access.

Restraining Factors

LED monitors can lead to metabolic disorders. Gambling addictions and other social behavior disorders can also cause problems for gamers.

Zwiebel and colleagues. Zwiebel et al. recently found that electronic sports players are more likely than others to sustain back, neck and upper limb injuries. If you spend too much time on a computer screen, the same thing could happen. These problems are most common because the players aren’t mobile enough and they stand in awkward ways.

Key Segments:

Top Market Players

Sony Group Corporation (Japan), Twitch Interactive, Inc., Activision Blizzard, Inc., Tencent Holdings Limited, China, Riot Games, Inc., Inc., Gfinity plc, (U.K.), X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd., (U.S.), Loco [Stoughton Street Tech Labs Private Limited] (India), Caffeine, U.S.), DLive Entertainment Pte. Ltd. (U.S.), among others.

By Streaming Typ

  • On-demand
  • Live
  • Other

Revenue Streaming

  • Game Publisher Fees
  • Media Rights
  • Advertisement
  • Sponsorship
  • Ticket & Merchandise
  • Other

by Gaming Genre

  • Real-time Strategy Games
  • First Person Shooter Games
  • Fighting Games
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games
  • Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
  • Other

Countries and Regions Covered

  • North America: (US, Canada Mexico, Rest of North America).
  • Europe: (Germany, France and Spain), Benelux Union, Rest of Europe, Nordic Countries, Benelux Union
  • Asia-Pacific (Japan China, India Australia South Korea, Southeast Asia and Rest of Asia-Pacific).
  • The Middle East and Africa: (Saudi Arabian, UAE, Egypt. South Africa, Rest of the Middle East and Africa).
  • Latin America – (Brazil and Argentina, Rest of Latin America).

  • Rest of the World

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