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Xsolla, a global leader in video game commerce, revealed new features and solutions during its quarterly release week. Mastercard has partnered with Xsolla to make it easier and more flexible for developers and players to pay. Xsolla will also expand its Digital Distribution Hub to the global telecommunications sector and its global audience, which numbers 7.3 billion users of mobile phones. Developers will soon have an easier way to reach more people worldwide through the cloud, which connects more players and offers a pay-as you-go model.

“Cloud gaming offers many opportunities for Xsolla. Our vision is to make gaming more available, to get more games into the hands, make them more accessible to everyone, anywhere and anytime through the cloud,” stated Chris Hewish (President of Xsolla). We are committed to supporting developers. By bringing together streaming technology from their games, we make it easier to reach them and give them the ability to create immersive online experiences for players around the world.

Pay with Points

Mastercard and Xsolla, a global videogame commerce company, announced plans to work together on frictionless, secure and rewarding payments for gamers. This collaboration will include enhanced checkout experiences with credit card loyalty points, simple in-game currency gifts, improved creator payouts, and more. Mastercard’s technology, network expertise, global scale and trusted connections will be combined with Xsolla’s platform to create more customizable and accessible payment experiences for creators, players, and developers.

Gaming growth has been fueled by mobile devices across all regions and demographics. Nearly 3.2 billion people, nearly half of the world’s population, are estimated to have played video games in 2022. However, the pace of innovation in gaming has not been matched by the digital commerce experiences that developers use to make it possible. Over 40% of gamers say they need assistance in buying in-game currency. More than 30% also feel it is too difficult to purchase online gaming goods. Mastercard research shows that nearly 30% of respondents believe the gifting process could have been more efficient.

Mastercard and Xsolla have partnered to create innovative card- and account-based services and solutions to enhance digital gaming experiences. Mastercard cardholders can now use Pay with Points for the first time to instantly redeem loyalty points for in-game purchases. This solution will be integrated into Xsolla’s Pay Station product. In-game currency can also be gifted to family and friends. They have partnered to address challenges in the gaming sector and to prioritize consumer protections. Mastercard’s fraud detection and authentication capabilities will allow parents to control whether their child purchases in-game currency.

Xsolla Digital Distribution Hub

The Digital Distribution Hub solution provides a single platform for offline and online distribution channels as well as brands that create and distribute entertainment content. This solution allows game developers to partner with telecommunications companies to market, distribute, and sell in-game products and games through one app or online portal. Games can also be included in promotional bundles. Developers can submit their games and content for distribution and sale through the carrier’s webshop and online store.

Carriers can benefit from Xsolla’s unique network by offering entertainment experiences, exclusive content, and promotions to attract new users. Customers can be retained by them by offering exclusive content, upgrades, and perks that are not available to other carriers.

The Digital Distribution Hub allows carriers to offer a greater variety of entertainment, content and games to a wide range of consumers. Consumers can also use their favorite digital marketplaces or carrier apps to make gaming-related purchases. It takes just a few clicks.

Xsolla Cloud Gaming

Xsolla, a company that believes in cloud technology’s future, is empowering its Cloud Gaming solution. This allows developers to aggregate multiple streaming vendors and technologies with fewer steps to increase the speed of market for their partners.

Cloud-based technologies have become increasingly important in the video gaming industry over the last few years. Xsolla will integrate pre-built tools with local suppliers and use the Xsolla global infrastructure for branded online experiences that players can access from any device. Xsolla believes by bringing more games into the cloud, integration costs and time it takes to launch them will decrease.

Xsolla’s Cloud Gaming solution will help players across the globe access cloud-based gaming and allow them to pay as they play for their gaming experience. Online demos of games previously unavailable in your region are now available. Players only have to pay for what they play. Developers will have valuable insights into the user behavior and revenue projections that can be used to improve future game designs and updates. Everyone can play the game and win with the cloud experience.

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