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The 14th Hamburg Games Conference will offer guests a wide range of programs and the opportunity to matchmake with the German or international gaming industry. The main track focuses primarily on “Invest in Games”. A second track will offer talks on finance, development, and start-up topics. You can find the complete conference program overview on the conference website. The opening keynote speech by Stephanie Marchand (Behaviour Interactive, Canada) is now confirmed. There will also be panel discussions about salary transparency, M&A trends and marketing. Online tickets are now available for the Hamburg Games Conference 2023.

Can Canada’s largest independent studio, with more than 1,000 employees, survive 30 years in the market? How can a strong culture and a well-planned strategy allow it to remain an independent player in the market? This will be the theme of Stephanie Marchand‘s keynote, “Behaviour interactive – 30 Years of independence and love it!” which will launch the conference.

The Hamburg Games Conference is increasing its international importance this year. Among the conference attendees are many decision-makers from international games industries, such as MTG and InnoGames.

Three panel discussions and new talks for the main track “Invest in Games”

The main track “Invest in Gaming” will be moderated by Prof. Christian Rauda (GRAEF Rechtsanwalte). Talks by Matthew Short (Managing director of Aream & Co.), on the development and consolidation of the games market, and Christopher Chancey (Founder & CEO ManaVoid Entertainment & Cofounder Indie Asylum), on the success of the indie accelerator he founded have been added.

Three panel discussions featuring industry experts and prominent individuals promise to provide valuable insights and stimulating discussions.

Janosch Kuhn, Janosch Benninghoff (EVP of Gaming and founder of BLN Capital), and Ole Schaper (CTO of Sviper), will discuss the topic “M&A within the Games Industry: Current Market Trends & Outlook for 2023 and Beyond”. Shum Sing, Managing Director and Founder at Agnitio Kapital will moderate the panel.

The HR panel “Money Talks-We Talk Money” moderated by Spiegel editor Florian Gntek will feature Dr. Andreas Lieb (HR Director, InnoGames), Alexander Krug, Susan J. Moldenhauer, career coach, consultant and author) as well as Steffen Behn, CEO at Celebrate Company, who will discuss the topic of salary transparency.

Thorsten Hamdorf (Director Publisher Relations, Jung von Matt Nerd), Nikolas angerstein (Deputy managing Director at, Dirk Ludewig(CEO of NerdStar), and John-Dustin Martin (1UP Management’s Founder & CEO) will discuss the challenges of games marketing during the post-pandemic period.

DZ bank will also contribute an exclusive workshop entitled “Crafting Your Equity Story: Show Investors that You are a Gem” to the program.

Additional talks and program items will be presented in the second conference track

The second conference track was expanded with Jasmin Pfeiffer, Co-Founder of DigiTales Interactive, reporting on game design and writing. Ata Sergey Nowak, Managing Director of Torpor Games, will also report on lessons learned from porting their award winning game Souzerain. Casilda De Zulueta, a freelance tech artist, will provide insight into the ups and downs of making your passion a source for income.

A talk will be given by James Rucks and Clemens runge, who are the founders of Soapbox Interactive. The presentation will also include information from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection about federal funding for computer games.

A panel discussion will be held with representatives from Endava as well as the indie studio TREAKS to discuss the topic “Work for hire”.

The “Pitch Royal” is a unique opportunity for indie studios. Developers can present their projects to a jury of publishers (among other people, Catherine Bygrave Director Publishing Strategy & Growth at Humble games, Jerome Zenker Business Development Manager at Assemble Entertainment and Philipp Doschl Co-Founder and Executive Produce at FDG Entertainment).

The program includes matchmaking, networking, get-togethers, and an expo area.

The Hamburg Games Conference is a hub for networking and matchmaking, in addition to the many talks and panels. The conference will be held 100% on-site for the first time since 2020 by Gamecity Hamburg and GRAEF Rechtsanwalte, as well as the executing agency Super Crowd Entertainment. For the first time ever, the conference will feature two days of on-site programming.

Conference guests can make use of MeetToMatch, a digital matchmaking tool that allows them to meet new people and arrange meetings in person in their business area. This will help them expand their networks. A relaxed atmosphere will make it a great place to meet new people in the evening of the first conference.

Expo Area will host the conference attendees on both days.

Conference tickets available online

Tickets are now available for the Hamburg Games Conference 2023.

The 299 euro business ticket includes access to the conference program for two days. It also gives you the chance to meet other conference attendees and to make valuable contacts through the MeetToMatch digital matchmaking system.

Only small businesses and start-ups can purchase Start-up Tickets. These tickets allow you to participate in the entire conference and use MeetToMatch for a discounted price of 149 Euro.

For 25 Euros, students can take part in the conference program.

The website contains all current information about the Hamburg Games Conference.

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