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The UK Gambling Commission works to protect online gamblers from common gambling pitfalls such as lost funds, scams, and problem gambling. Gamstop is a self-exclusion program that bans players from all Gamstop casinos. This prevents them from engaging in impulsive or harmful gambling. Gamstop casinos are very popular, but many online casino players find Gamstop systems restrictive. Non-Gamstop online casino are becoming more popular every day. How do these two gambling options differ? Let’s take a look at what the differences are between Gamstop casinos and online gambling sites.


Gamstop and non Gamstop online casinos are fundamentally different in the way they are regulated. Gamstop casinos are licensed and monitored by the UK Gambling Commission. This system was created by the Commission to combat the increase in problem gambling due to increased access to online casino. It has imposed stricter restrictions over the years so operators must join Gamstop to obtain a UKGC licence.

Non-Gamstop casinos, however, must obtain their licenses from another jurisdiction. They cannot operate without regulation so most providers look to trusted offshore regulators like the government in Curacao or the Malta Gaming Authority. These bodies ensure non-Gamstop casino operations are ethical, legal, and fair. You can find more information on these casinos and their regulation here. Also, there are guides for gambling on non-Gamstop casino.


Gamstop casinos are trusted by many online gamers because they are licensed and regulated by UKGC. It is partially true that you can trust UKGC-licensed casinos because they are more vigilant in protecting players. The Commission is known for imposing penalties on casinos that do not comply with consumer safety regulations. It also keeps an eye on gambling activities. The Commission constantly updates and improves its rules to ensure that licenses are a mark of credibility.

Non-Gamstop casino are not unreliable. These sites operate under an offshore license. This license is usually issued by an offshore regulatory agency. It is important to check the validity of non-Gamstop casinos’ licenses, as they operate in different ways from one jurisdiction to another. You need to research a casino to make sure it is legitimate, not like Gamstop casinos.


Gamstop is a Gamstop service that provides Gamstop gamblers with options for self-exclusion. There are many options available for safe gambling. These include a limited maximum stake for certain games, extended wait times between spins, and irreversible self exclusion. Gamstop casinos are locked out immediately after you have completed the exclusion period.

Non-Gamstop casinos, however, do not use the self exclusion service. Some sites provide self-exclusion tools or programs to limit gambling activity. These tools and programs are typically at the discretion of the site and don’t extend to other casinos. You can still access non-Gamstop casinos even if you have self-excluded from one non-Gamstop site. These programs may not be offered by all sites.


The UKGC recognizes only Gamstop casinos and monitors them, while non-Gamstop casino providers are considered “offshore”. Non-Gamstop casino are legal in the UK, contrary to popular belief. UKGC-licensed websites are available to residents. Or, they can be used by offshore providers. Non-Gamstop sites may not be allowed to market directly to UK residents. This rule is not often enforced because it is hard to trace how a player got on a site. Both types of sites can legally be operated within the jurisdiction.


Gamstop casinos have fewer restrictions than non-Gamstop ones. They don’t regulate the number of spins you can make, maximum bets or wait times. High rollers will find them attractive because they don’t limit transactions amounts. Bonuses and promotions are often more lucrative at non-Gamstop casino, as these providers offer more game libraries.

Confirmation Procedure

Online casinos that are located offshore often have easier confirmation procedures. The verification stage of account creation can often be completed in less than a day. However, it can be difficult to join a UKGC site. Verification is very complex and requires lots of paperwork. It can take up to several days. Both providers take verification seriously. Additional measures are often taken to prevent minors from accessing questionable parties and to keep them out of the loop.

Financial Transactions

Non-Gamstop online casino often offer multiple payment methods for site withdrawals or deposits. These include credit cards, debit cards and cryptocurrency. Some of these options are no longer available at Gamstop casinos due to the recent UKGC updates.


UKGC regulation is a trusted and respected source of credibility, safety, and protection for players. Non-Gamstop online casino is a better option for players who want more control over their gambling. It all depends on your gambling preferences and your ability to manage problem gambling.

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