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Yahaha Studios announced the launch YAHAHA Asset Ovi. This is a unique platform that allows game developers to quickly search for assets. Asset Ovi uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly search for assets. It is suitable for all levels of creators: hobbyists and professionals, students and indie developers, and experts in 3D creation. Asset Ovi eliminates the need to go through intermediaries and allows users to search assets from several 3D asset marketplaces via one platform. This includes Sketchfab, Unity Store, and CGTrader. YAHAHA AssetOvi is now available in partnership with Jina AI.

It is difficult for developers to find the right assets for their games. Yahaha Studios did research to understand the difficulties associated with asset searching. According to the research, 80% of developers spend at least 10 minutes searching for new assets across multiple storesfronts. This makes it difficult and stressful for them to locate hundreds of assets needed for their new games. Asset Ovi allows creators to search over a million assets using search functionality that is not limited to text, but also by model. This ensures they can find the exact asset they need.

Yahaha Studios launched YAHAHA asset Ovi to assist developers in creating more efficient games. YAHAHA has added this tool to its platform for creators and game developers. It makes it easy to create games.

Chris Zhu is the CEO of Yahaha Studios. He said that Yahaha Studios is always looking for new technologies to help creators. “Yahaha Studios are passionate about making great content and bringing imagination to life. We wanted to help developers who spent hours looking for assets in different stores. YAHAHA Asset Ovi, which is free and open to all, is integrated with the Unity Asset Store. This saves game developers a lot of time and frustration when searching for the right assets.

The platform announced the YAHAHA3D viewer to make Asset Ovi more user-friendly. This allows assets to be viewed before making a purchase decision. This tool allows users the ability to inspect every asset in detail, including wireframes, post-processing, and material channels. Asset Ovi uses AI for its search. It is a Jina AI partner, and supports AI-powered similarity searches, making it easier to locate assets. You can also use the search engine to perform colour-to–mesh, text–to-mesh and mesh-to–mesh searches. Search engine uses large data sets to learn about the asset’s shape, colour, and text. It then finds the most relevant results using neutral network algorithms. As more people use the engine, it will learn more.

Joel Fallbom is Futuregames’ Head Teacher of Game and UX Design. He said that finding high-quality assets with real-time previews and all information such as topology, polycount, lods and textures can be time-consuming and challenging. It is almost impossible to find the information you are looking for. YAHAHA 3DSearch solves a problem that is very important for any game developer. I cannot wait to play it.

Yahaha Studios, a creator-focused social platform that generates user-generated content, announced in the final months of 2022 that it had received $40 million investment to build on the Early Alpha success story of YAHAHA. YAHAHAA is now open in Early Alpha. This gives anyone the chance to try the platform and give feedback as it grows. The early community plays an important role in shaping the future of YAHAHA, influencing its design and building its digital world.

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