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SuperGaming, a leading Indian game developer, has released the first gameplay trailer of its Indo-Futuristic battle royale Indus. This trailer was created to commemorate India’s Republic Day on January 26, 2023.

The company launched the gameplay trailer by releasing a series high-impact takeovers at the most prominent locations in London. This aligns with SuperGaming’s vision to put India on the global gaming maps, much like its Indus trailer launch in New York’s Times Square for India’s Independence Day on August 15, 2022.

Roby John, CEO of SuperGaming and co-founder of Indus, said that the game’s gameplay has been evolving over the past year and that they wanted to share the footage with the rest. This gameplay trailer is intended for Indus players around the globe who may not be able to play the game with us. It also shows off the scale of battle royale we hope you will experience when the game releases.

The trailer encourages players to explore, loot and win on Virlok — a game’s island map. It also showcases Indus’ weapons and Paragons (the game’s character skins), as well as traversal. The trailer also features multiple locations and firefights to show the size and scope of the battle royale experience SuperGaming is aiming to offer.

The trailer can be viewed here

[embedded content]

Indus Pre-Registration Details

Pre-registrations are available on the Google Play Store Android. Indus pre-registrations will soon be available on the App Store iOS and iPadOS. Register early to get special Indus experiences that are uniquely yours.

Pre-register for Indus now via the Google Play Store

SuperGaming will host multiple community playtests throughout the year in the lead up to Indus’ launch date. Comic Con Bengaluru hosted the last community playtest. It was met with an overwhelming response by the community. Each playtest slot was on average overbooked 50 percent. SuperGaming will allow players to voice their opinions on different aspects of the game. This will have an impact on the direction of its most ambitious title.

Soon, the first Indus Community Playtest will be announced.

You can find more information about Indus at the developer blog, YouTube, Discord and Twitter.

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