Adrian “Hatchy” Widera joins the Natural born player Agency as a League associated with Legends (LoL), Agent within Europe

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Prodigy Agency is a prominent esports agency that represents players. Adrian “Hatchy”, a former coach in regional leagues, was appointed as the LoL Agent by Misfits Gaming LEC and LFL. This will allow the agency to further expand its efforts to support and protect the game’s players.

Jerome Coupez founded Prodigy Agency. It represents some of the most prominent stars in esports, including Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella (CSGO), Adil [ScreaM] Benrlitom, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo (VALORANT), Kacper (“Inspired”) Sloma, Rayan “General Sniper”) Shoura (League of Legends), Alexandrel (Rocket League) and Axel (Rocket League), Alexandrex” Christophel

Prodigy Agency already represents world-class LoL players like Kacper “Inspired”, Sloma (MVP LEC, LCS), Finn (“Finn”) Wiestal (LEC), and many more. However, it also represents young and promising prodigies such as Shane “Kenvi”) Espinoza (LCS) and Dogukan “113” Balci (LEC).

Adrian Widera was a sports director for Misfits and headed their LEC/LFL operations before joining Prodigy Agency. He was also involved in the LoL development and ecosystem, having been a coach in France, Poland, and Turkey from 2014 to 2021. He also created numerous Scouting Grounds, Academy projects, and helped players in the future get noticed.

Adrian has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the game. He is well-known for recruiting and promoting young players to the starting rosters of a team and for his amazing talent to scout potential prodigies. Adrian is the perfect profile to understand and support the League of Legends players from all angles.

He will use the Prodigy Agency’s global resources and join a team that includes more than 35 colleagues around the globe. His focus is on developing and scouting the prodigies and future stars of Europe.

“Adrian has all the skills and profile to be a well-respected Agent and help us expand our efforts on League Of Legends.

He is a hugely experienced player and cares about the players as much we do at Prodigy Agency.

He will be a great complement to our LoL department. We can also develop new initiatives through pushing forward our Players First values.

Adrian joined our family. I am proud of him and I believe we are building the best team to support and protect the players.

“After my successful stint as Misfits’ Sports Director, I have been exploring other avenues for promoting and supporting players and coaches. This is what has always brought me the most satisfaction during my competitive career. We often offered opportunities to young players in my teams, and we also ran scouting ground and academies. As a young player, I understand how difficult it can be to get started without the right guidance and help.

I want to make the most of my experience in competitive League of Legends, and help the players. Prodigy Agency was the ideal place to do this, as they always put the players first. We can count on the expertise of a lot of high-quality people to help talent with their professional careers as well as marketing and daily struggles.

We can help the players to take off some of their burdens and allow them to concentrate on what’s happening on the Rift. My goal is to be available for young athletes every day and to be someone they can talk to. The Prodigy Agency was the best place to do this, as it has the most experts available, and is always there to help the players.

I believe it is important to continue searching for talent. Prodigy Agency is a great agency and I’m glad to share my views. We should also expect new projects to help players get the chance they’ve been waiting for.

Adrian “Hatchy” Widera is a LoL Agent at Prodigy Agency

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