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Markor Technology has partnered with Ibex.ai in order to expand its range of solutions for partners. We sat down Thomas Aigner, Melissa Summerfield and discussed the tools benefits to CRM teams as well as the impact of AI and machine-learning on the wider iGaming sector

Let’s start by describing Markor’s core concept. How does it differ from other AI systems?

TA: Ibex’s core focus was to look at each player individually to find ways to maximize their lifetime value. We were not satisfied with the amount of automation and personalization that the existing technology could provide, so we redesigned the CRM campaign process from the ground up. Ibex’s machine learning algorithms allow it to calculate a profit/loss for each player. This calculation takes into account everything, from their payment method to the cost of sending them a bonus email or SMS. The system can then determine which action has the greatest impact on each player and learns from previous results to improve its models. Ibex is different from other rule-based systems in this regard. CRM teams often still need to create a customer journey in order to trigger the desired action. Ibex, however, provides automation by continuously A/B testing its approaches, evaluating their performance, and prompting the user to do so.

Ibex.ai participated in a groundbreaking trial last year. It was pitted against a human CRM staff and produced some convincing results.

TA: Ibex achieved a 20% increase and 17% decrease in NGR over the course of the study when compared to a human CRM team. This success is due to the fact that Ibex’s technology doesn’t have to target customers segments the same way as traditional CRM teams. We decided to completely overhaul the CRM approach and put more emphasis on each player. This means that Ibex’s bonuses are 100% personalized. Ibex can also analyze how players react to offers and use that data to determine the best action for them. This is called level five automation. It can create optimal models all by itself. CRM teams will then be able to analyze its choices and understand the actions to help them come up with new campaigns.

Ibex’s system can also quickly identify bonus abusers. This is an important perk as it has the ability to impact a CRM team’s overall profit/loss figures for each campaign. It can be costly and time-consuming to manually identify bonus abusers and then segment them according. However, Ibex’s personalized, player-by-player approach allows it to quickly spot signs of bonus abuse and determine that is the best course of action.

AI is increasingly being used in traditional human operations.

TA: This is an important question that Ibex gets asked often because of its high level of automation. AI is not intended to replace CRM staff or eliminate human jobs. Its purpose is to improve their existing capabilities and remove some of the tedious work. This allows them to spend more time on creating creative campaigns and optimizing their overall strategy. This can help increase profits without incurring additional costs. CRM teams should not be afraid of AI replacing them. Instead, they should experiment with AI and learn its capabilities to better understand how to use it in the future.

Will automated technology like Ibex.ai allow online operators to better organize their CRM teams moving forward?

TA: This is already happening with our current partners. An AI such as Ibex can take the tedious work out of CRM. It allows executives to spend more time on creative aspects and the development of their top-level strategies. It’s important to understand that Ibex is not an AI that generates content. Instead, it takes the existing templates and bonuses and blends them to produce the best results. CRM can be freed up to create better content by removing much of the admin.

Markor Technology asks: How can partnering with companies like Ibex.ai help you improve the service you offer to your partners?

MS: Markor is a company that has been committed to providing innovative solutions for its clients. One of our value propositions is that our iGaming technology uses AI and machine learning. This technology’s purpose is to simplify people’s lives. We can automate more, reduce human error, and track data so that it can be used to drive informed, real-time business decision making. We streamline operations so that our clients can spend more time on higher-level topics like branding and business development.

Could you tell us about the benefits that Ibex.ai offers to your online casino partners?

MS: Ibex’s intelligence targets customers and enhances their lifetime value. These are two key benefits that we have seen backed up by company reports. Ibex can continuously A/B test its actions and learn from the results to choose the best offer or reward based upon the projected value of each customer. Once a network has been established, CRM teams will have the freedom to concentrate on their overall user strategy.

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