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Design Works Gaming (DWG), has revolutionized the iGaming market with their LuckyTap(tm). LuckyTap(tm), a complete departure from the traditional symbol matching mechanics of slots, has opened a new avenue for this type of game.

DWG has designed a product that is compatible with digital content consumption today by removing traditional reels and lines that restrict slot games.

LuckyTap(tm), the future of gambling, is taking the industry by storm. Players can enjoy eye-catching animations and innovative features as they play the game. These games have attracted players from all ages and genders.

Troy Zurawski, CEO of DWG, stated that “how often does a company create a new type of gambling game?” Rarely. 99% of the food we ate over the last three decades was derivative.

“We don’t want to change existing gambling models. We have eliminated the need for matching, dice, cards, and balls, and are now focusing on success-driven mechanisms. Was I successful or did I lose? This has made it possible to reduce the learning curve associated with most gambling games and left more fun and excitement. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a football or tossing coins, you know how to win and how much, even if you don’t have a complicated paytable.


DWG’s game design team uses a unique approach, studying player behavior, game data, and player impulses. These insights are then used to inform their game development and concepting processes. LuckyTap(tm), a result of their research, was created.

“Most games I played when I started out in the industry were packed with millions upon millions of complex features.

“But I noticed that all players care about winning or losing. Why not get rid of the lines and symbols? Dustin Bozovich, DWG Game Design Manager, stated that they can get them to the results faster and eliminate the confusion.

LuckyTap(tm’s DNA) is simplicity and not complexity. LuckyTap(tm), based on simple mechanics and a success-based gambling strategy, is easy for players of all levels to understand and play. The games are appealing to both new and seasoned players, as well as customers who don’t normally play slots.

LuckyTap ™ games are the most popular games

LuckyTap(tm), a brand of LuckyTap, has been a hit with both big operators in the US and UK because of their popularity and chart-topping performances.

LuckyTap(tm), and other DWG gaming games are regularly in the top 10 spots of the Eilers-Fantini Online Game Performance Report. This report tracks over 35,000 games from Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Flippin Rich LuckyTap ™ was named as the top performing online casino game in US regulated markets for September 2022. Over the past 12 months, Break the Bounty LuckyTap ™, and Piggy Payouts Bank Buster LuckyTap ™ were also at the top of this list.

Competitive edge

Operators are competing for exclusive titles with a product line like LuckyTap(tm). DWG recently collaborated with online casino giants BetMGMGM, William Hill, and Golden Nugget Online Casino to develop LuckyTap(tm), games that give operators an advantage over the rest.

These unique titles have captured the attention of their players and continue to be top performers on all sites.

What’s next?

DWG has released 30 LuckyTap(tm), games in the US and UK markets. They are currently slated to release 15 more titles within the next 12 months. The game studio is currently in discussions with major brands interested in using LuckyTap(tm), their IP.

For licensing opportunities or to learn about how you can bring game-changing LuckyTap(tm) titles to your players, visit designworksgaming.com or email [email protected]

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