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Wemade, a leading gaming company, celebrated the global launch MIR M: Vanguard (MIR M), an MMORPG game that is available on both PC and mobile (iOS or Android). MIR M, which is available in over 170 countries and supports 12 languages, is the sequel to the company’s IP of The Legend of Mir. It uses artwork, quarter-view and 8-way direction grid movement to recreate the original gameplay. To create an exclusive version of the Mir continent, MIR M has a unique twist.

With the new growth system (Mandala), players have the option to be a vanguard (hero), which prioritizes power on the battlefield, or an artisan (vagabond) that focuses on crafting a craft. This will allow them to attain a profession and rise to the rank of Virtuoso. Mandalas have two types of combat: Profession and Combat. Each Mandala has a number of Spot Points with different stats. Their characters can be made unique by connecting the Spot Points or activating stats in any way they wish. The freedom to choose their own path allows gamers to enjoy MIR M in unique ways. Whatever path a player chooses to take, it will be recognized as meaningful.

MIR M is divided into three stages. The first stage (Early Game) offers exclusive content. Mandala, Master and Clan are the second and third stages. The final and third stage, End Game, introduces a fierce round of battles and conquests.

The game’s early stages include “Avatars”, which can change the appearance and stats of the characters, as well as “Companions and “Mounts”, which accompany them in battle and adventure. Players will then move into mid-game with the “Mandala”, where they can choose their own growth path. You can become an “Artisan” by pursuing a profession and joining “Clans”, where you can wage your own war with like-minded gamers. The final game is all about wars with “Hidden Valley Capture”, and “Sabuk Castle Siege”, where only the strongest clan will win.

Worlds is a series of 8 servers that allows you to test the strength of your characters and clans using the battle content of Clan Battle and Rumble Battle. To prove their strength, characters who have developed their skills through various growth methods can compete against each other in “Rumble Battles”. They can also join a clan and fight alongside their clan members in the “Clan Battles”.

MIR M was designed so that players have plenty to do and see. The game also features stunning graphics that make it more fun. The game is connected to MIR4 via WEMIX, and offers optional blockchain technology for Play and earn enthusiasts. Combining a F2P game with depth and the blockchain component, MIR M is a compelling proposition for gamers in 2023.

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