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Reading Time: 5 minutes has added the report “Mobile Gaming in Asia: Technology, Platform and Stakeholder, Connectivity Sub-Region, Countries 2023-2028” to its offering.

This report is a must-have for anyone who works in Asia on mobile entertainment or VAS applications. This comprehensive report provides an assessment of the mobile gaming opportunities in Asia. This report provides insight into mobile gaming and analyses of the current challenges, limitations, and opportunities.

The report also covers demand drivers and factors such as Asian mobile gaming demographic analysis, Asian game-play behavior, preference, and projection analysis.

The report provides a comparative analysis on Asian mobile gaming preferences and demography, including male vs. female. Female, Casual vs. Core, “Freemium” vs. Premium, Social vs. Traditional, Tablet vs. Mobile, Smartphone vs. Web-enabled vs. standard phone, regular vs. irregular, time and money spending dynamics.

Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment of digital entertainment. It has roots that are connected to the console-based platform era, based on lessons learned from platforms like the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. Mobile versions of console games were initially offered in adaptive formats. In the casual gaming segment, entertainment that is targeted at smartphones and tablets has made steady progress. Smartphone-based games are the most popular in mobile gaming today, but tablets have higher rates of paid monetization, microtransactions, and advertising.

Smartphones can be used to access a wide range of casual and non-complex music genres. Tablets, however, offer a more user-friendly experience with greater hardware capabilities and better user interfaces. The tablet is now a viable mid-core gaming platform, as they are starting to compete with console devices. They may even surpass them in the near future.

Mobile gaming has seen a boom in emerging revenue models like “advergaming”, free-to-play (F2P), and others. Social and community dynamics have also been a major factor in viral growth, user targeting and customer acquisition. They have also helped to monetize the site, generating substantial daily average revenue per user. There are many growth factors, including the growth of data-enabled mobile devices, F2P revenue models and in-game advertising, which includes display banner, interactive, and video ads, and “advergaming”, (brand sponsorship).

Gaming companies realized that user retention is more important than innovation after acquiring millions of mobile users. The gaming industry is now primarily focused on improving the in-game experience and not creating new games that can cause a decline in loyal users.

Gaming business models also experienced a shift from free-to play to freemium, with a greater focus on high-success categories like social casino gaming and real-money games.

Select Report Findings

  • By 2028, the market for mobile gaming in Asia will be $93.2 billion
  • By 2028, the market for Asian mobile game publishers and service-aggregators will be $51.3 billion
  • WiFi will remain the most widespread mode of connectivity, followed by LTE (LTE) and 5G (through 2028).
  • Male gamers still dominate gaming, but female gamers are growing at 62% faster and could reach parity in a decade.
  • The mobile gaming industry has seen a shift from free-to play to freemium, with a greater focus on high-success categories.
  • Smartphones are the most popular, but tablets offer the best user experience and can compete well with the console market.
  • Smartphones dominate mobile gaming, while other devices see slower growth and tablets are losing ground.
  • The major growth drivers for the future are the explosion of data-enabled mobile devices, F2P model, and in-game advertising which includes display banners, interactive, and video ads.

Market Dynamic Analysis

Market Growth Driver Analysis

  • Cross-platform Game Play and Mobile Social Gaming
  • Local Content is in High Demand
  • Freemium Monetization
  • Gaming optimized devices
  • Common Gaming Platform: Mobile Platform
  • Preference for Word of Mouth
  • Local Gaming Platforms
  • Wearable Gaming Preference
  • Mobile Cloud and Connected Console
  • Advergaming
  • Transaction in-game
  • Virtual Community of Go-Tos
  • Cross-Platform Publishing
  • Non-Facebook Social Gaming Platform

Fraud and Regulation Analysis

  • Mobile Game Piracy and Scam with Virtual Currency
  • Kompu Gacha Mobile Social Gambling Ban in Japan
  • Geographic Implications of Antipiracy law
  • PrivacyVille for Zynga
  • Cybercriminal Attack on Mobile Social Games
  • Mobile Social Games: In-Game Scam Debate
  • Open Web to Save DMCA: MiniMega vs. TomKid Game
  • RMT and Gold Farming Regulation
  • Offshore Opportunities in Asia

Role for New Entrants

  • Technical and legal role of technology providers
  • Virtual goods and currency provider role
  • Micro Transaction Solution Provider Role

Analyse of Business Models

  • Key Mobile Gaming Strategies
  • Revenue Sources and Cost Items
  • Trendy Business Model
  • Tips for Economic and Gamification of Business Models
  • Advertising Model
  • To Set a Price, Build a Mathematical Model
  • Market Challenge and the Game Balancing Method

Technology and Application Analysis

Case Study

  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Nike and Sports Game
  • FitBit Casual Gaming
  • BMW Ultimate Drive App
  • Angry Birds
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Reduce the Rope
  • Kompu Gacha Games
  • Colopula
  • Hostess Club Social Game
  • Social Horse-Racing Game
  • Smurf Village: Real Virtual Economy Success
  • Alchemy: A Korean Success Story for the Android Title
  • The Human Element
  • Half the Sky Movement
  • FoldIt: Research for Mankind & Community Patent
  • RecycleBank: Community Awareness
  • Miller Literacy Game: Education & Literacy
  • SPENT: Poverty Alleviation
  • Constructing a Village: Raise the Village
  • The WeTopia Case: Charities for Children
  • Charity for Animals
  • Japan and Korea: Success Story
  • Pretty Simple Criminal Case Lesson

Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Advertisers and Media companies
  • Artificial Intelligence Providers
  • Automotive Companies
  • Broadband Infrastructure Providers
  • Communications Service Providers
  • Computing Companies
  • Data Analytics Providers
  • Providers of Immersive Technology (AR/VR, and MR).
  • Network Equipment Providers
  • Networking Security Providers
  • Semiconductor Companies
  • OEM Companies
  • IoT Service Providers and Suppliers
  • Software Providers (Game Developers and Publishers).
  • Content Aggregators
  • Payment Solution Provider
  • Social Media Companies
  • Both Governments and Enterprises
  • Gaming Investors

Mobile Gaming Company Analysis

Mobile Game Developers and Publishers

  • Halfbrick: Australia
  • Capcom Japan
  • Electronic Arts: Japan
  • Namco Bandai: Japan
  • Gamevil (Com2uS): Korea
  • Zeptolab: Russia
  • Square Enix: Japan
  • Russia: Gameprom
  • Kairosoft Japan
  • Japan Konami
  • Disney Mobile Japan
  • GREE: Japan
  • Japan DeNA
  • Tencent: China
  • China Mig33
  • Sina Weibo, China
  • Papaya Mobile: China
  • Mobygames
  • Games2Win India
  • Hungama Games: India
  • Nazara: India
  • Anino mobile: Philippines
  • Spain: Socialpoint
  • Agate Studio: Indonesia
  • Toge Productions, Indonesia
  • Creacle Studio: Indonesia
  • Touchten Games: Indonesia
  • Maximize Games Studio: Indonesia
  • Tinker Games: Indonesia
  • Educa Studio: Indonesia
  • Altermyth: Indonesia
  • Nightspade: Indonesia
  • Alegrium
  • Kidalang
  • Menara Games
  • Your Games

Emerging Publisher Platform Analysis

  • Sina WeiBo
  • Tencent Network (Qzone, Weibo and Pengyou).
  • Renren
  • Kaixin001
  • 51 .Com
  • Mixi
  • Cyworld
  • Yahoo-Mobage
  • Ameba Pigg
  • Bebo
  • Twitter
  • Amazon
  • Gaia Online
  • Badoo
  • Tagged
  • Hi5
  • Habbo
  • Come2Play
  • Chillingo
  • Tencent QQ
  • KakaoTalk
  • Line
  • Tango
  • Kik Messenger
  • Zalo
  • Qihoo 360 Platform
  • Wandoujia
  • Baidu App Store
  • AppChina
  • Games Center
  • Gfan
  • VKontakte
  • Yonja

Analyse of Application Store

  • Google Play Games
  • iOS Game Center
  • Facebook Games
  • Alternative Android Store
  • Slide ME
  • GetJar
  • CodeNgo
  • Apps UK Ltd.
  • Anzhi
  • F-Droid
  • Alternative iOS Store
  • Cydia
  • Cross Platform App Store
  • NVidia (Geoforce).
  • Nook App Store
  • Taobao App Market
  • Bemobi International
  • Mobango
  • Appitalism
  • Kongregate
  • Maopao
  • Alternative.To
  • Market
  • OEM Appstore
  • Xiaomi App store
  • Carrier AppStore
  • One Store Corp.
  • MTNPlay

Gaming service management providers

  • WildTangent
  • iWin
  • Twitch.TV
  • Appia
  • XSplit

Communication Service Provider Analysis

  • NTT DoCoMo Japan
  • KDDI au, Japan
  • China Mobile, China
  • China Unicom, China
  • China Telecom, China
  • Airtel (Bharti), India
  • Vodafone Idea, India
  • SK Telecom, Korea
  • Telstra Mobile, Australia
  • Optus Mobile, Australia
  • Vodafone, New Zealand
  • MTS, Russia
  • MegaFon, Russia
  • Beeline, Russia
  • Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Mobicom, Mongolia
  • Telkomsel in Indonesia
  • Indosat, Indonesia
  • Viettel, Vietnam
  • MobiFone, Vietnam
  • Smart Communications, Philippines
  • Globe Telecom, Philippines
  • Maxis, Malaysia
  • SingTel Mobile, Singapore
  • AIS, Thailand
  • DTAC, Thailand
  • DSTCom, Brunei
  • Lao-telecom, Laos
  • Metfone, Cambodia
  • Turkcell, Turkey
  • Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran
  • STC, Saudi Arabia
  • Etisalat (UAE)
  • Cellcom, Israel
  • BATELCO, Bahrain
  • Cytamobile-Vodafone, Cyprus
  • Vodafone, Egypt
  • Zain, Jordan
  • Zain, Kuwait
  • Touch, Lebanon
  • Q-Tel Qatar
  • Omantel, Oman
  • K’Cell, Kazakhstan
  • Beeline, Kyrgyzstan
  • Babilon Mobile, Tajikistan
  • Uzdunrobita, Uzbekistan
  • MTS, Turkmenistan
  • Grameenphone Bangladesh
  • Dialog, Sri Lanka
  • Mobilink, Pakistan
  • Ncell, Nepal
  • Dhiraagu, Maldives
  • B-Mobile, Bhutan

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