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An increase in alerts is attributed to a broader monitoring network due to membership growth

International Betting Integrity Association has released its annual suspicious betting alerts. It is the world’s leading voice for integrity in the licensed betting industry. Its membership has grown significantly and its network of regulated betting market monitors has increased the number of alerts. This is what led to an increase in alerts for 2022. IBIA’s network has been instrumental in preventing match-fixing by securing a number of sporting and criminal sanctions that were successful last year.

Although the number of cases reported is 14% higher than the previous year, the number is consistent with the average of 230 annual alerts for 2019-21. In the fourth quarter of 2022 there were 50 alerts. These alerts were added to revised numbers of 48, 80, and 90 alerts (Q1), Q2, Q2, and Q3. Alerts for 2022 covered 14 sports and 61 nations, with football and tennis continuing to be the most popular. With nearly half of the annual alerts, Europe continued to be the largest provider of alerts.

In 2022, 15 officials, players, and teams where IBIA reported suspicious activity during their matches were subject to sporting or criminal sanctions. Many of these cases involved data from IBIA members that contributed to the issuance of life bans. This collective action demonstrates the strong impact of IBIA data and cross-sector partnership work.

Khalid Ali, CEO IBIA, stated that “the protective shield provided IBIA by IBIA” is an essential tool in identifying corruption and sanctioning it on regulated betting markets. This has been confirmed by the positive results of IBIA data-based prosecutions in 2022. We expect more evidence to support the association’s significant positive impact and collaborative approach throughout 2023.

IBIA’s network includes over 45 companies and more than 125 sports betting brands. This makes IBIA one of the most important organisations of its kind. While integrity activity continues in all markets, North America is what has been the center of attention. IBIA, the largest integrity monitor for Ontario, will be announcing new members across the U.S. over the next weeks and months.

Khalid Ali says: “The addition 16 new members to our monitoring and alert network in 2022 has undoubtedly strengthened it and our ambitions are to see all responsible regulated sport betting operators collaborate through IBIA. Our sector must take proactive and collaborative steps to combat match-fixing and improve its overall reputation.

IBIA reported 1,224 alerts in 21 sports and 102 nations between 2018-22. This included 559 alerts in tennis, and 295 in soccer over the five-year period. It accounted for 70% all cases. These alerts were generated using important customer account transactional information that is only available to IBIA members and it is often the trigger for investigative action by sports bodies, regulators, and law enforcement. It is also the foundation of any subsequent sanctions.

Additional key data for 2022

102 – Total tennis alerts; 27% more than the 80 reported in 2021

67 – Football alerts – A similar number to the 66 reported in 2021

22 – Get alerts about sporting events in North America

17 – Alerts about horseracing with 14 in the U.S.

10 – Get alerts about football matches in India

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