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Each year brings new developments to the iGaming sector. Mobile gaming has allowed players to play real-money online casino games, and the industry is moving in a positive direction. Game developers will be eager to harness the potential of emerging fields such as esports or the Metaverse in 2023. Let’s take a look at what that could mean for us this year.


Esports may experience some slow times this year. Smart providers are preparing for this by diversifying their income sources. The field will still be firmly rooted within competitive gaming. It may expand to include content creation, merchandise and products. There is a whole market for gaming creators who make money through streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. Esports may have a wider reach than just streaming viewers. It could also be available to consumers and fans of the creators. 100 Thieves already has this model in place, having launched an in-house game, increased merchandising and launched an energy drink. They also signed more content creators over the last year.

The Metaverse

Most people still don’t fully understand the Metaverse and what it plans to achieve, including in the iGaming sector. Experts are certain that it will be more mainstream by 2023. This is evident in gaming, as evidenced by the recent launch of the Apple VR model and the Meta Quest title. The Metaverse is not only making its debut in gaming but also in other industries. It has attracted some notable brands. Examples include recent collaborations between Ralph Lauren and Fortnite and Burberry and Minecraft.

Player Game Designs

In the past, fandoms allowed gamers to make contributions to game stories. This has sometimes led to spin-offs and in-game stories. Game developers can now allow players to create their own games. The sandbox RPG Hytale is a great example. Players can create their own quest stories and build buildings. The first-person building and riding title Meet Your Maker lets players design missions and levels. Although it is still too early to predict how the relationship between developers and players will develop, it will be fascinating to see.

NPC Chatbots

While developers have been working to make NPCs intuitive for some time, 2023 may see their efforts move into the language arena. Creators are exploring the possibility of using chatbots and generative languages models to bring evolving conversations into their game environments. You can expect to be able to have adaptive conversations with NPCs in RPG/open-world titles. These games will make use of open-source language models, and take additional measures to ensure that NPCs can talk trustfully.

AI Game Development

AI has made a name for itself in the gaming sector, and recently began to dabble in game production. EA used machine learning recently to improve the animation of its FIFA titles. In 2023, more game designers will be using AI tools to create design ideas. High on Life has recently enhanced its environment with art from Midjourney. AI game development may take root in the sector if this trend continues.

Game Adaptations

Netflix informed its shareholders last year that it would be adding 55 names to its game catalogue. Riot Games, which developed Arcane, was one of the beneficiaries. Their animated Netflix series, set in the League of Legends universe, won an Emmy award for Outstanding Animated Program. Industry experts predict an increase in investment and production of games adaptations. A Gears of War animated series and film can be awaited.


2022 was a huge year for the iGaming sector, with AI fully implemented in gaming systems, and further development of VR. Some sectors that started in 2022 will look to expand their reach, gain more fans and become mainstream. It will be thrilling to see.

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