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Guild Esports is a global lifestyle and teams brand that confirms that Fortnite’s pro-player Anas El-Abd (or ‘Anas) has won the $1 million MrBeast Fortnite contest. The win was verified by Epic Games and Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, who are YouTube personalities with more than 125 millions subscribers and the fourth-largest YouTube channel.

Anas’ win in the “MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge” on 17/12/2022 has established his status as one of Fortnite’s top players.

Anas joined Guild 2021 with a wealth of experience from the European pro scene. He had been playing Fortnite since 2017. Anas qualified 14 times for Fortnite Champion Series Finals (FNCS) over the span of four years, 13 seasons and this latest MrBeast award adds to his impressive record.

Anas’ victory in the MrBeast tournament capped a successful year for Guild Esports. There were notable wins in the RL EMEA Predator League 20, Game Changers EMEA Series 3 Fortnite Champion Series and EA Sports FIFA 22 eChampions League.

Guild will be one of the most committed organizations to Fortnite competitions in 2023. Previous Fortnite tournament wins include four FNCS titles and Gamers8 – No Build. Henrik Mclean (or Hen) and Anas, the current Fortnite team from Guild are currently playing together. Hen brings three FNCS trophies, while Anas brings one of the highest average and consistent placement positions.

Jasmine Skee is the CEO of Guild Esports. She commented, “Many congratulations Anas, who has once again proven that he’s one of the best Fortnite players in the world. We are thrilled by his success which highlights the extraordinary talent within Guild’s team. Our continued growth as an international esports organization is supported by winning tournaments, reaching new audiences, and gaining new fans. We are excited to see Anas and Hen continue their collaboration and play as a team for Guild.

Anas El-Abd (or ‘Anas), Fortnite player at Guild Esports commented that winning the MrBeast Challenge was one of his greatest accomplishments since Fortnite. Hen and I will now be focusing our efforts on tournaments. We’re doing well together and are both very good players, so it made sense to do it.

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