Anzu Granted Patent For Superior Ad Tracking Tech In order to Measure Viewability in THREE DIMENSIONAL Environments

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Nefta, the Web3 technology platform has partnered up with GAMI, a blockchain gaming studio to make Web3 gaming a reality for millions.

GAMI is dedicated to making Web3 games accessible and fun for everyone. GAMI is focused on creating games that are fun and enjoyable, not for earning. The tutorials are bite-sized and non-obtrusive and will help new players to understand and engage with Web3 features such as earning assets and being able buy and sell those assets.

Players already enrolled in the Web3 ecosystem won’t have to worry about which blockchain they are on. They can log-in immediately and begin playing. GAMI’s games can now access Nefta’s powerful backend architecture, which helps to eliminate segregation in Web3 gaming and creates a unique multi-chain game experience.

GAMI’s games can use Nefta’s Blockchain technology to earn and own in-game goods. Players don’t need to connect to a wallet to store their items. These assets can be accessed by signing in using an email address. For players who are brand new to Web3, this allows them to easily access blockchain gaming.

GAMI’s new battle game, Knockout Wars allows players from different blockchains together to play for the first-time without the need for new wallet registrations. Nefta enables seamless integration of multiple blockchains to create a frictionless, chain-agnostic gaming environment.

Web2 and Web3 gamers can play uninterrupted and trade their assets by integrating signups and wallet creation. Nefta’s technology removes common roadblocks that Web2 players face, making Web3 gaming easier than ever.

GAMI is proud that it operates on the Immutable X Blockchain (IMX), which is the most popular blockchain platform for gaming. Nefta recently made IMX a available option on its platform. This offers the security and speed of Solana, while also offering IMX. IMX is completely free for everyone, and there are no transaction fees.

Geeshan Willink (CEO and Co-Founder at Nefta) stated: “We are passionate about making item ownership in games available, and we are thrilled to partner with GAMI. GAMI will use our one-stop shop toolbox to power backend blockchain elements. Nefta will be used for creating integrated, unobtrusive blockchain wallets. It will also build the infrastructure to connect, communicate, and transact across various blockchains. GAMI can build, launch and manage high-quality Web3 gaming em> with our end-to-end platform. This allows them to focus on what they do best.

Junayd Miah is the co-founder of GAMI. He stated that “Our goal to be the best gaming studio for seamless transition from Web2 gaming to Web3 gaming, by creating accessible and fun games, without the need to have any blockchain knowledge. Our goal is to disrupt the mobile gaming market by leveraging blockchain and NFT technologies to create immersive Play & Earn games. GAMI’s mission is to bring the next 100 million mainstream gamers to Web3 through easy logins to your email.

“We are integrating Nefta’s Web3 toolbox to create the blockchain architecture that will enable multi-chain, multiplayer gaming. It doesn’t matter whether you have your wallet on Solana or BSC, Polygon, or another blockchain, you can still play with your friends .”

Knockout Wars will soon be available for download via the Google Play Store. This is expected to happen by January 2023.

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