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What are the challenges that 4ThePlayer has faced in game promotion?

Promotion is not a problem for us. However, we must ensure that any promotion has maximum impact. Because we are not a large slot house like a factory, we have more invested in each game. We want each one to reach its full potential.

We don’t just make games and hope that they are successful. We want to tell a story. To ensure the success of each game we make, we have a multi-pronged strategy. First Look Games is a part of this strategy!

Why did you choose First Look Games?

First Look Games has a greater reach with affiliates. Although we have many direct relationships with affiliates, it is impossible to maintain close relationships with all.

First Look Games also has a tendency to onboard new affiliates. This saves us time and allows us to reach a broader audience than we might otherwise.

It’s always great when we release a premium version. Even if they don’t know us, it’s always great for new affiliates to come up and write about our games.

First Look Games is constantly innovating and adding new features to their platform. As a result of regulatory changes, they have created the UKGC-compliant demo tool.

We have just renewed First Look Games 2023. We almost consider it an additional member of our marketing team.

How have First Look Games helped to increase awareness about your games/studios?

It’s important to be noticed in such a competitive market. 4ThePlayer is a great way to get noticed. First Look Games helps you increase awareness.

3 Lucky Leprechauns is our next premium game. It has a clear message. The game is super active and offers a regular bonus. There’s also a real maximum win of 5,000X, which pays out frequently. First Look Games allows us to communicate this message to affiliates, and target the main market (in this instance, the UK).

How effective are affiliates in this field?

Our promotional strategy includes affiliates as a key component.

We drive interest and demand in our games in a similar way to how the movie industry relies heavily on reviewers to drive demand. One of the most effective ways to do this is through affiliates.

It has it helped to drive awareness among players and operators? How?

It’s all part of the marketing mix. It is important to raise awareness about a particular game. Affiliates, however, are more concerned with targeting players than operators.

However, if you make a Venn diagram of slots fans and operators, you’d find that many operators are also players. Affiliates can target these operators in a different way.

Any other suggestions?

It was great to talk with you about First Look Games. You can find out more about us on our social media pages ( Tweet / Pinterest).

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