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360deg campaigns further promote the brand as the official global sponsors of this year’s largest football competitions

Two 360deg campaigns by Kaizen Gaming’s premium gaming brand Betano celebrate the excitement of UEFA EURO ™ 2024 and CONMEBOL Copa America (2024) with two 360deg marketing campaigns.

The new video advertisement is the first and most important part of Betano’s UEFA EURO 2024 ™ campaign. It will be broadcasted on TV and online in Portugal and Germany as well as Romania, Czechia and Bulgaria. Betano’s new advert transports viewers into a fictional world where characters like Big Foot, super-villains, wrestlers, and rocket scientists remind one another to “hold on” because the European Championships are here. It’s time for fun and friends to enjoy the European Championship in Germany.

Pablo Puertas commented that “the UEFA EURO 2024 ™ is about bringing people to together in celebration and enjoyment of the beautiful game. Our campaign, with its cinematic production values, diverse casting and strong brand visuals, brings the excitement of UEFA EURO 2024 alive across Europe. We are proud to have been the first official betting and gaming partner of the European Championship.

The CONMEBOL Copa America ™ is also getting the Betano Treatment this year. Betano’s new campaign aims to dispel the myths surrounding football in the Americas. It challenges views such as those of Kybappe who has suggested that the game is less developed and competitive in Europe.

“The notion that football in America is less advanced, exciting and competitive than anywhere else is absurd,” stated Pablo Puertas. “When these remarks were made, fans and footballers from all over the Americas came together to defend the level, quality and passion of football on the continent. We wanted to create an ad campaign that spoke to all fans, as a company with a lot of investment in Latin America. We also used it to introduce our Confia creative platform, a product of our recent partnership with Wieden+Kennedy “. across the continent.

The Summer of Football campaigns by Betano go beyond traditional formats. They aim to engage audiences via multiple touchpoints, including radio, OOH, and experiential activations. These focus on creating unforgettable experiences for fans across all countries where Betano has a presence.

In Germany (Berlin Munich and Dortmund), Bulgaria (Sofia), and Portugal (Lisbon), the brand has Fan Zones. Fans can enjoy live entertainment and food while watching the matches on giant screens. Betano works with local influencers in Romania and Czechia to promote EURO 2024 TM via online activations.

Betano also sponsors Copa America fan zones, the most notable of which is the one located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The Copacabana fan zone is a very popular place for fans. Over 21 thousand Brazilian fans were present at the stadium for Brazil’s group stage matches. TV stations also covered the reactions of the fans.

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