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Yoni Saidi, CEO of Wiztech Group explains why platform flexibility and rapid market entry are important for driving growth beyond 2024. He also highlights some of the major regulatory and technical challenges that could force iGaming providers to refine their offerings.

The iGaming sector has seen some major changes in the past few years. From the shift to online gaming to the introduction of a new product, iGaming firms have been forced to adapt to changes.

As more and more operators and suppliers flood the market,’speed to markets’ has become a priority for businesses.

Many iGaming firms are now fighting for the ability to rapidly develop, launch and adjust their portfolio products in order to meet ever-changing regulatory requirements and player needs.

It is a feature that can help a brand stand out from the competition. It is not without challenges.

A key driver for change

In the gambling industry, keeping up with the rapid pace of technological innovation is one of the main reasons why it is important to have a speedy market.

Artificial intelligence, machine-learning, automation, and Web3 all have an impact on how we deliver engaging and new experiences.

When it comes to gaining an edge, deploying the latest technology on your platform is a must. Legacy technologies will not only limit your ability to adapt to regulatory changes in the long term, but also from a players perspective, they can make it difficult to meet their changing needs.

A flip phone from early 2000s, for instance, isn’t nearly as capable in terms of technology as the latest iPhone. We all know what customers prefer.

The players expect seamless and engaging experiences, which give them instant access to content as well as a variety of products. To achieve this, it is important to be flexible in your product development and marketing strategies, as well as player engagement strategies.

It could be as simple as launching new games based on the latest trends or adding social features to enhance the communal experience of gambling.

Wiztech’s ambition

Wiztech has been focused on delivering best-in class products and platform upgrades at lightning speed. We can take a customer live in just a few weeks, a pace that I’ve never seen before in the industry.

We are focused on speed-to-market because we want our partners to have the best opportunity to provide features, games and other improvements to their customers at a much faster rate than their competitors. This puts them in a good position to retain and attract customers over the long term.

The flexibility of our platform has allowed us to quickly adapt to changing trends and player preferences. Being flexible and quick to the market allows us to deliver a localised and relevant product to our operator partners, whether it is adding new products, payment methods or adapting to new regulation.

Our ever-growing partner network helps us to better understand the products, features and improvements that players will enjoy.

To cut through the noise in this industry, speed to market is key. Wiztech is committed to supporting our partners as technology advances, new markets are opened, and player preferences change.

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